Social Justice Speaker Series Travels to Los Angeles

The UC Hastings Social Justice Speakers Series features UC Hastings professors giving lectures at UC Santa Cruz on important topics concerning social justice.


  1. On Tuesday, March 10, the Social Justice Speaker Series took a road trip to LA with UC Hastings law professor Morris Ratner where he delivered a lecture about his experiences litigating the Holocaust - 50 years after the atrocity.
  2. Professor Ratner is best known for prosecuting Holocaust-era private law claims against Swiss, German, Austrian and French entities that profited from Nazi atrocities. These organizations profited by retaining dormant bank accounts, failing to pay on life insurance policies, and benefitting from the use of slave labor. Ratner's litigation resulted in a series of settlements that, together, yielded payments in excess of $8 billion to victims of Nazi persecution.
  3. Many thanks to Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hill for co-hosting the event.
  4. Social media posts were tagged #RatnerTEBH, here are some highlights from our online friends, fans and followers:
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  6. UC Santa Cruz Chancellor George Blumenthal, UC Santa Cruz/ UC Hastings 3+3 program director, Kelly Weisberg, Dean of Social Sciences Sheldon Kamieniecki, Paul Hall, President of the UC Santa Cruz Foundation as well as other faculty, staff and slug alums (#ucscalumni) were in attendance.