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Reactions to the Jeremy Bentham head appeal on Alumni Facebook and Twitter

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  1. This week our new marketing campaign landed, featuring Jeremy Bentham's head.

  2. Hi all - if you would like a bentham head email [email protected] and find out what all the fuss it about!
  3. Here's the Jeremy B head be were talking about @UCLALumni #jeremybhead
  4. And this is what you have been tweeting, commenting and photographing...

  5. Jeremy Bentham's Head has made it to sunny Malta
  6. An amazing use for a Jeremy B head! Making it even spoooooookier. Most people should have received their head by now, but a few more are scheduled to go out next week… Apparently there is a new Jeremy Bentham based treat for UCL staff this ...week. UCL staff will have a rare opportunity to see Jeremy Bentham's Auto-Icon up close and personal on Thursday 8 November, when UCL Museums staff will take him out of his case for cleaning – start the queue now! More
  7. Jeremy Bentham now installed ...
  8. My cat and Jeremy Bentham eyeing each other up suspiciously! ;-)