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Remembering The Play, 30 years later

It may have been the the greatest play in football history: the final seconds of the 1982 Big Game. We collected chatter from the lead up to—and during—the 115th Big Game. Alas, history did not repeat itself. But Curtis Larson did win a $10 Peet’s card for posting the most engaging response!


  1. What was The Play, a few of you may ask?

  2. Cal Bears Football 82: The Play
  3. 30 years ago, history was made, being forever dubbed, "The Play." #gobears #garytyyrell #theplay #cal #goldenbears #trombone #stanfordband
    30 years ago, history was made, being forever dubbed, "The Play." #gobears #garytyyrell #theplay #cal #goldenbears #trombone #stanfordband
  4. Never before seen footage, including Cal Coach Joe Kapp saying: "The Bear would not quit. The Bear would not die." :
  5. The Play: Bears Attack the Band
  6. Earlier in the game, Stanford QB John Elway and their kicker bring the score to 19-20 with a 35-yard field goal and four seconds remaining...
  7. cal vs stanford the play
  8. Do you remember The Play?

  9. the stanford trombone player sure does...go bears!
  10. Rumor has it that since 1982 the Cal football program has secretly underwritten an annual scholarship for at least one member of the Stanford band trombone section out of gratitude...LOL.
  11. Perhaps the single greatest play in collegiate football history.
  12. Thanks for brought tears to my eyes! I was working at the time, but listening on the radio. My favorite memory was seeing John Elway crying after the game on the news that evening...and, throughout his pro career, I always made the effort to root against him, in hopes of seeing him cry again, but, of course, we all know that that didn't work out as well as this game did!
  13. "...and the band is on the field!!" classic.
  14. My parents were at this game, and conceived me shortly after during a victory celebration at a frat house.