Working out your slogan? "Just do it"

The brands that stick in our heads are the ones with that have managed to create a catchy strap line or meaningful slogan. But how do you come up with the phrase that captures the attention of your target consumer? Let's look at how some of the big corporate companies do it...


  1. A slogan should create emotions in your customer, the emotions you want them to feel towards your brand. The article below outlines 7 tips to help you come up with the slogan that is right for your brand. 
  2. Slogans need to be short, sharp and to the point. They can be clever, but obviously so, there is nothing worse than confusing your target audience with a message that simply doesn't make sense. Google's "Don't be evil" doesn't seem to make much sense, unless you know a lot about Search Engine Optimisation. Whereas Subway's "Eat Fresh" tells you exactly what the company is about.  Below are some more companies that got it right:
  3. As well as your logo, your slogan is an asset, and therefore you need to make sure it is legally protected as well as original to your organisation and what it does. For more information check out the Intellectual Property Office:
  4. See if you can test yourself with the article below. There were only two we didn't already know, one being Google, (until researching for this post), and the other being the company that wrote the article. Isn't it crazy how the brain works? You can remember slogans, lyrics and jingles galore, yet sometimes you forget why you entered a room!
  5. It's one thing to get your slogan right in your native tongue, but things can always go wrong when it comes to translating your message, as can be seen in the next article. Even the giants like KFC can get caught out by a simple translation error!
  6. Or worse, what if the consumer has a completely different idea for how your slogan should go, Facebook and Mountain Dew are particular favourites in the studio...
  7. Yes, it's funny when companies get their slogans wrong, and it's amusing to poke fun, but slogans are serious business. Just as your logo is the visual representation of your brand, your slogan is the voice. Your logo and slogan work together to capture the attention of your target audience and convey the message that you want them to see / hear / feel. Don't be afraid to change your slogan, time moves on and trends change, and so should your voice. Your message is likely to stay the same, but the way you say it will always make the difference. Even the giants such as MacDonalds, Coca Cola, and Burger King have experimented with various taglines. Check out the article below to see how the big brands got it right, and wrong, over the years:
  8. And sometimes companies get it so right, and then political correctness rears it's head. In our opinion Frubes had it so right with their amusing and slightly 'gory' slogan "rip their heads off and suck their guts out!". The new version "rip their heads off and eat them all up!" doesn't create as much impact and just lacks a spark. What do you think?
  9. So whatever kind of business your are in, invest time in creating your slogan, it defines your brand, and who will be attracted to it. Alternatively you could always go to these guys for help...
  10. We'd love to hear about your favourite slogans, or which ones grind your gears! Tweet us @ubd_studio