Shaping Data Standards for Future Cities

The Urban Big Data Centre, in collaboration with BSI, hosted this event on 19 May 2017 - bringing together local authorities, researchers and innovators to identify the challenges facing cities, discuss potential solutions to common problems and look at the role and future of smart city standards.


  1. The full programme for the event and speaker profiles is available to view on the event page
  2. The presentations are available to download in PDF format and the videos can be watched on this page and on our YouTube channel:
  3. Dr Andrew McHugh - Senior IT and Data Services Manager at Urban Big Data Centre - opened the day by welcoming attendees and provided an overview of the work we do at UBDC.
  4. Dr Andrew McHugh - Welcome and Introduction to UBDC
  5. Tom Digby-Rogers - Lead Programme Manager, Sustainability, BSI Group - opened the morning session on 'Shaping Standards' by introducing the work of BSI and the importance of standards.
  6. Tom Digby-Rogers - Overview of BSI and standardisation (Smart Cities & Big Data)
  7. Tim McGarr - Market Development Manager (Digital), BSI Group - continued the BSI presentation by looking at the potential scope for big data standards.
  8. Tim McGarr - Overview of BSI and standardisation (Smart Cities & Big Data)