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Evolving Europe: Voices of the Future

Students from across Europe are gathering in Loughborough on 8-9 July for the 14th Annual Student Forum conference. We'll be reporting live from the conference and will be collecting photos, audio and Tweets in this timeline. The hashtag for the conference is #UACESfuture.


  1. Monday 8 July

  2. The conference begins:
  3. Professor Helen Drake kicks off the first session of the day with a keynote looking at the role of UACES and similar organisations in European Integration.
  4. Research session 1 is now underway with panels on Sports Governance, the Consequences of Recent & Future Enlargement and the Future of the Energy Market in the European Union.
  5. Read Gentian's paper here:
  6. Read Grant Stirling's blog post on the first day of the conference:
  7. Listen to an interview between Ben Leruth and Francesca Batzella:
  8. Tuesday 9 July

  9. Listen to an interview between Ben Leruth and Daniel Schade:
  10. Read Daniel's paper: