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Tweets of the Day: December 19

Today's Tweets of the Day offer you a litany of Things You Should Know--including the fact that Gov. Perry is concerned about an oncoming winter storm (despite the storm that has recently engulfed his presidential campaign) and the filing deadline for Texas candidates for office.


  1. There's no snow where we are (much farther North), but apparently those of you down in Texas should keep a lookout for up to six inches in some parts of the state!
  2. Another PSA--if you were planning to run for Texas Senate and still haven't found the time to submit your forms, you may have lost out on this round. But when the Supreme Court finally rules on Texas redistricting, you'll have another chance to submit forms.
  3. While snow may be causing delays in Texas travel, here, severe partisanship is causing delays in Washington work. The House GOP is at an impasse over the payroll tax holiday extension bill passed in the Senate, and many Texas lawmakers aren't very happy about it.
  4. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston, was mad enough to shout about it.
  5. And if you had planned to visit your representative's town hall meeting this week, you may have to reconsider because of this extended battle.
  6. But to lighten the partisan mood: We wanted to close out with Rep. Gohmert's, R-Tyler, fun history fact about "Benjamin Franklin of Philadelphia" (not the Benjamin Franklin from New Jersey, for whom he is often mistaken).