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Drama in the #SOPA debate

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee called out Iowa Rep. Steve King for tweeting about her during a House Judiciary Committee hearing today on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).


  1. King, a Republican anti-immigration firebrand from Iowa, has been called a lot of things, but a good speller is not one of them. He mangled both her first name (calling her SHIELA) and her last name (calling her JACKSON rather than JACKSON LEE).

    Rep. Jackson Lee, D-Houston, responded to the tweet during the hearing saying King's multi-tasking was 'offensive.' Then all hell broke loose. Take a look...
  2. Jackson Lee was asked to strike her comment calling King 'offensive' from the record, but the Texan didn't go out without a fight. Eventually, her language was amended to 'impolitic and unkind.'
  3. King has been accused of a lot of things -- but boring is not one of them.