#Twubchat 07/30/15: 5 Things I Wish I'd Known About Hosting Chats w @NatashaYounge

Recap of weekly #twubchat Thursday (6PM PST / 9PM ET)

  1. Businesses and other organizations are adding Twitter Chats to their arsenal of social tools in order to connect with their customers and prospects. We welcomed a veteran Twitter Chat host to learn from someone who has put in the hours (actually, years) with the medium well before it was popular. Her chat page #CrowdfundMonday, serves actors, filmmakers and directors producing independent films, webseries, plays, video games. Her branded chat page can be found here.

  2. Key Takeaways

  3. 1) Preparation: Write your questions beforehand so you can just copy and paste during the quick-moving chat. Communicate clearly with interview guests before the chat. Create a Guest Preparation email with expectations since many have never been interviewed in this format.
  4. 2) Be Personable: Honor your participants' time by treating them like people. Remember they are humans on the other end of the Twitter handle. Be gracious, thank them, acknowledge them.
  5. 3) No Dead Air: Like a radio show host, keep the chat moving with questions and interaction. For participants who join after you've started, repeat the night's topic often so they are not lost. Don't be hesitant about repeating who your guest is or what the topic is throughout.
  6. 4) Amplify: Ask your interview guest to retweet the questions with the hashtag so that their followers can join in. Some Twitter chat hosts retweet from other accounts in order to spread the word during the event.
  7. 5) Tools: Three tools used regularly 1) Hootesuite for realtime tracking, 2) Buffer for scheduling scripted tweets beforehand, and 3) TweetJukebox for automating the chat advertising.

  8. Here is an edited transcript of the Twitter chat with @natashayounge:
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