London Microbiome Meeting December 2015

The second London Microbiome Meeting of 2015 took place at the Governors Hall St Thomas Hospital on December the 7th. More than 100 researchers attended talks from a panel of National and International speakers followed by the chance to network and discuss this exciting field over a glass of wine.


  1. Professor Tim Spector from the Department of Twin Research, Kings College London introduced all the speakers. On his introduction speech, he discussed potential plans for a data analysis course to support these meetings. A feedback questionnaire has been sent to all the attendees, so they can let us know their learning needs.
  2. Our first speaker is Dr Lesley Hoyles currently developing tools for the integration of data produced from various omics-technologies. She talked about the work that they are perfoming with the Imperial Metagenomcs Pipeline
  3. Our second speaker of the day was Professor Jonathan Heeney, who described his work on zoonosis and in particular HIV. Jonathan is a Professor of Comparative Pathology at Cambridge focusing on the study of the virome, how it modulates the host immunity and how it is at the same time shaped by it.