London Microbiome Meeting 2015

The London Microbiome Meeting now on its second year is organised by the Department of Twin Research and chaired by Tim Spector. The aim of the meeting is to create a forum to share research within the fast evolving field of the microbiome


  1. The meeting took place at the Governors Hall, St Thomas Hospital. A beautiful setting full of history
  2. Professor Tim Spector opened the meting and welcomed the speakers and audience. He published a book, The Diet Myth, a couple of weeks ago which has generated a lot of interest showing that microbes and their role in health is a fascinating field for the general public
  3. Our first speaker, Dr Michael Cox is a microbial ecologist based at the Heart and Lung Institute where he researches the role of the human microbiota in respiratory illnesses
  4. Dr Emily Stolarczyk is a Research Associate at the Division of Diabetes and Nutrition, Kings College London. She talked about Immune Regulation and microbiota part of her research into the role of immune system in obesity
  5. Our next speaker Dr Gerard Clarke is a Lecturer at the Department of Psychiatry University College Cork. He talked about gut microbiome and the brain. Fascinating talk!