London Microbiome Meeting 2014

Event organised by the Department of Twin Research to share research that explores the field of the human microbiome providing a broad overview to both research and methodology as well as developing a microbiome network between various research groups and institutions undertaking this work.

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  1. Our first London Microbiome meeting took place on 12 June 2014 at St Thomas' Hospital presenting a varied selection of talks from experts in the field
  2. This event was organised by Michelle Beaumont and Tiphaine Martin, two of our PhD students with an interest in microbiome and diet. Both students put a lot of effort and enthusiasm to make this event a success. Well done both!
  3. Before we go to the scientific content of the event we want to show that science feeds the brain,  and this great view on a summer evening will feed the soul. Our post event drinks took place looking at the Houses of Parliament to continue to talk about the microbiome
  4. And now a summary of the tweets with scientific content disseminated via the meeting: First Prof Kevin Whelan Dietetics Professor researching the role of probiotics and prebiotics on human gut health as well as the effect of dietary manipulation on the gut microbiota.
  5. Prof William Wade, another contributor and expert in oral microbiome gave an excellent presentation