CAKE with all capitals is wary of capitalism.

The band CAKE formed in 1991 in Sacramento, CA. They are one of the most influential figures in indie music and embody the fighting side of the genre more than any other band. They denote capitalism, especially in regards to American society and in the music industry.

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  1. This is probably my favorite Cake tweet of all time, and they made a point of this at their last concert I saw them at in Austin, Texas. They were talking about society and a fan roared "SHUT UP AND SING" and he stopped the concert, and said he cut the guy off immediately and said "Shut the fuck up" and that he was going to go on for fifteen minutes now, because we're here to see him, he's not here to see us...The majority of the fans then roared in agreement for him. CAKE also donates a tree to every show they play to a certain audience member, and they just ask that they send in pictures every so often so the band can see the tree grow.
  2. Cake - Wheels (Live on Letterman)
  3. Cake performing "Wheels" live, a song based on social satire "We're a rubberneckers dream, we're burning gasoline"
  4. The song "Wheels" by Cake explained on the website SongMeanings
  5. The facts on their Wikipedia page are legit, I checked.
  6. I highly recommend everyone follow them on facebook. They have a strong sense of social responsibility, and never shove their opinions down your throat. They will make a post on articles from the "Left" and "Right" and then their text will be something like "Thoughts" or "Corporate Greed or Socialist Whining?"
  7. They are, of course, more about the music than anything else...but of course the whole point of Indie is that music is never just about the music! It's a statement, even if the statement is "Music is all about the music"!!! This is Jonathan Borazjani performing "Mexico", a Cake song. (Notice the Cake shirt I'm wearing)