Miller Lite Interns!

Four recent Trine University alumni were selected as the Miller Lite Interns. They traveled across the country having the time of their lives.

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  1. Their journey started off with competing in a nationwide search to be the Miller Lite interns.
  2. Out of thousands of applicants, these four young men were selected.
  3. Meet the Miller Time Interns
  4. Miller Time Internship Episode 1: Philly
  5. The first stop was Philly!
  6. Then they moved on to Charlotte for some speedy fun!
  7. #regram we would like to give a shout out to our Miller Lite Interns @will_chrystal @kopina17 @jcmclaughlin26 follow their awesome journey!
  8. A quick stop in Indy on the way to Chicago!
  9. What a great night at the White Sox game and got to see our #millertimeinterns @kopina17 @jcmclaughlin26 and @will_chrystal!!