Lab, a conversation about developing talent

Lab was a 2-day workshop for the arts, screen and creative industries, held in Edinburgh in August 2012. The symposium provided an opportunity for people to come together to share experiences and learning, to explore possibilities and potential.


  1. Find out more about the two days of Lab - information about themes, speakers, chairs and a schedule.
  2. A list of Lab participants.
  3. Lab was an active environment, with the participants not only listening, but also talking, debating and connecting. It addressed four themes central to the issue of developing talent: Failure, Context, Diversity & Resources. You can track through the shape of the two days by scrolling through the Storify. There are short video interviews & audio transcripts of all the talks embedded chronologically. We have also included audio feedback from each of the discussion sessions. 
  4. Alternatively, you can listen to all of the audio recordings from Lab here:
  5. All of the short video interviews with Lab speakers and chairs are available to watch here:
  6. DAY ONE: Failure & Context
  7. Theme 1: Failure How important is failure to success? What role does risk play in developing talent?
  8. Rohan Gunatillake is an innovation producer and entrepreneur based in Glasgow.This is a short interview with Rohan about Failure & talent development.
  9. LAB: Failure - Rohan Gunatillake
  10. The full audio of Rohan's talk at Lab.