Patch Readers Fed Up With WOW! Cable Despite Recent Fix

Many Trenton-Grosse Ile Patch readers said they've experienced service issues with WOW! cable. Several readers complained of service issues despite a recent fix implemented at 10 p.m. Sunday.


  1. Mine still pixellated this morning during Cat in the Hat. Froze the TV for 2 min.
  2. We had internet out from Christmas Eve until friday after. When repairman came to change our Ultra super box he said they have been having BIG issues that are not resolved and they actually don't know when they will be. I don't think the fix that is ...See More
  3. Ours have been good the past couple of days, and I filed a complaint with the MI Public Service Commission and WOW called me the next day and gave me a 2 week credit on my bill.
  4. Awful! It has been since around Christmas. Called and emailed several times. Finally talked to someone again this morning and with me asking they are giving us a $15 credit which I don't think is enough. There are lots of ppl on FB that are leaving or have already left wow.
  5. Our service has been messing up since Christmas too. Only at night. During the day the service is fine but when the prime time shows come on they are scrambled. We have heard excuse after excuse. I LAUGH at their commercials when they come on TV saying how good their service is. We are thinking of switching but other services are more expensive or don't off the same. :-(
  6. Awful and I still cannot get through on the phone. It has been 6 days!!!
  7. Seems to be only at night. And when I am trying to watch a football game! Not leaving wow, but not happy either
  8. Horrible as well! My cable has not been working the last couple days! Just a black screen! Called and the automated voice says some sort of down wires or something! Wow was always great for us, had the pixel issue as well and got a credit for it too. I hope they get it together
  9. We have WOW and have been having problems for 2 weeks. Only 1 time have I been able to get through to someone and he said it is a Michigan problem and they are working on it. He couldn't give me any other information. How can you argue with the pers...See More
  10. Service lately has been terrible, especially in the evenings.
  11. Riverview and Southgate here too
  12. Lincoln Park we have problems every night around 9:30 . It's been going on since New Years
  13. Nate if you can repost this: calling WOW customer service then dialing 3-1-1 will have their system automatically send a reset signal to your equipment. This won't solve anything when their infrastructure is down but solves 90% of customer issues. Also is a great forum of WOW customers.