1. Stroehlein initiated the encounter with a CC directed at Karimova:
  2. @astroehlein today is weekend..very important date for all of us,cause mlns people didn't come back from war..saving your peace too btw!Have
  3. @astroehlein some respect and don't look like paranoid which I feel you are not ! Good day to you !
  4. .@GulnaraKarimova Have some respect? Like your regime's troops who murdered civilians 8 years ago? That's respect?  http://bit.ly/17Vq823 
  5. @astroehlein and one more advise why don't u get involved with much more dangerous for people places on the map..it becomes more&more vital>
  6. @astroehlein people screaming for help in Egypt,Lybia ,Siria and others...they are being kidnap and killed(ssssooo many stories for 80mln=>
  7. @astroehlein population country...people lost everything and do loosing their life every minute you writing your dum memorized by you BS
  8. @astroehlein if you have guts move on there and dooooo your woooork...save people!
  9. .@GulnaraKarimova Why are you talking about other country's problems but not your regime's massacre 8 yrs ago?  http://www.europeanvoice.com/article/2013/may/a-massacre-that-should-not-fade-into-history/77216.aspx ce.com/article/2013/may/a-massacre-that-should-not-fade-into-history/77216.aspx
  10. @astroehlein so, you don't have ANY guts to be in real battle for dying people...and there mlns already who was not even privileged to=>
  11. @astroehlein to be memorized how many of the cold heart killed in there houses...nobody has even your assistant Biharbaeva,who without any=>
  12. @astroehlein docs just make up her story not for free,otherwise what would she eat where would she live as everybody knows how incredibly=>
  13. @astroehlein expensive and possible to have accommodation on your own in the wester country where one day food cost like our wedding in=>
  14. .@GulnaraKarimova You want the world to forget your regime's massacre of innocents & look elsewhere. It won't happen. We won't forget.
  15. @astroehlein the region' so, how much cost the truth??!!!! Peaty you do scared to position human rights watch subjects for REAL!Sorry for U
  16. .@GulnaraKarimova #Andijan massacre & today's crimes: it's all in that letter you promised to answer but never did  http://bit.ly/XRoAnC 
  17. @astroehlein @GulnaraKarimova today in Andijan as in any other parts of the state u feel save to take a walk even at the middle of the night
  18. @astroehlein I guess u don't have problems in yourstalk about your motherland..shit on it..and we'll watch how degraded and cheap you are!
  19. .@GulnaraKarimova Swearing again? Really not very ambassadorial, is it? How about addressing your regime's crimes instead of swearing at me?
  20. @astroehlein In God we trust! And there a huge story about every country and each history! Don't waist your time,dear unprofessional "pro"
  21. .@GulnaraKarimova Your addressing the #Andijan massacre would be a "waste of time"? You really think so?
  22. @astroehlein I did answer to you right away but you prefer to lye to the world...let's play your game
  23. @blakehounshell Only 2? I think maybe 6 or 7. But this on the even of the anniversary quite interesting...
  24. @astroehlein why would you ask permanent representative @GulnaraKarimova questions that were address already by Responsible officials
  25. @astroehlein hellooo!try to concentrate on letters then put them inI to the words and then BINGO! You'll be finally successful comprehend
  26. .@GulnaraKarimova The key issue from that letter today would be #Andijan. Could you address that massacre directly, please?
  27. .@GulnaraKarimova Why do you insist on insulting the victims of the #Andijan massacre with this kind of talk? #Uzbekistan
  28. @ReesEdward @astroehlein No, he has only cheap dum lines on refrain ....he can never keep up with naturally red head strong character girl
  29. @astroehlein 10 years ago I was studying,12 years ago in love, 14 years ago giving birth,9 years ago building Fond...should I continue...
  30. @astroehlein Insult?! if you could you would claim that so that I 'm a transformer from another planet!! Be at least normal!!!
  31. @GulnaraKarimova And today you represent regime. I am asking you, ambassador, when your regime will allow an independent investigation.
  32. @GulnaraKarimova Well, what would you say to the #Andijan victims & families directly, 8 years on?
  33. Then the conversation jumps to another thread:
  34. @astroehlein and @GulnaraKarimova debating the 2005 Andjian massacre is by far the most interesting thing on Twitter right now
  35. @markmackinnon @GulnaraKarimova Except that she won't actually address the #Andijan massacre & its victims at all.
  36. @GulnaraKarimova Here's your chance. Many are following right now. Say something to victims of #Andijan - like when will they get justice?
  37. @GulnaraKarimova Gotta go. Why not talk to the victims of #Andijan while I'm gone Or answer letter as you promised:  http://bit.ly/XRoAnC