On-going Research: Probing Our Future

This chat is a follow up to the Webinar "Probing Our Future"


  1. This is a transmedia research project developed by The Transformation Society and Adobe Technical Communication that began with a workshop at the 2016 Technical Communications UK (TCUK) in Wyboston Lakes Executive Centre conference, and continues afterwards with a Webinar, a Chat and a final White Paper. This partnership seeks deeper understanding about the technological developments that are offering new horizons to the content industries

  2. This sequence includes 6 planned questions and several answers with suggestions for further reading, which were programmed to produce structured interaction and linear narration.
  3. This Storify document shows specific responses from participants, who were engaged mainly within human (non-programmed) dialogues:

  4. A: When humans interact, the conversations diverge from the plan

  5. B: Participants are moving to a more social model for technical information

  6. C: Participants validate their statements from their own experience more than from outside authorities