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Trace Relations Music: Texas Groove to Improve Your Mood

It's been a journey. After 25 years of bouncing between San Antonio and Dallas musicially and personally, vocalist - songwriter Trace Ready spearheads the band Trace Relations on the debut studio release "Prosperity Street"


  1. The stories behind the music, the players, the CD, the documentary in progress "South Texas Soul: The San Antonio Sound", the music videos, ALL on Trace Relations official site:
  2. "With Trace Relations, Ready does it up right with soul and sincerity.
                    ~ Jim Beal, Jr. - San Antonio Express-News
  3. Press Release: PROSPERITY STREET:
  4. "I Live the Life I Love" is a Texas take on a Chicago blues classic written by Willie Dixon. Spirit of the song is the spirit of this CD, an acceptance of life's troubles as they are and a decision to have a good time anyway. This track features special guest Brian "Hash Brown" Calway sittin' in with some seriously fun blues harp magic. 
  5. Influenced by the sounds and players in these two iconic cities, Trace Relations delivers a tasty stew of Texas blues, rock and roll and Americana music. "Prosperity Street is twelve tracks of Texas groove, guaranteed to improve your mood."
    Get your Texas groove on with the new CD "Prosperity Street" by Trace Relations on CDBaby

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    phone: 972-437-4433

  6. "Sittin' on the corner of "Prosperity Street", wonderin' where my next meal's comin' from..." The title track, a fun and funky groove on the back streets of San Antonio and Dallas, Texas, featuring the band and special guests Augie Meyers and the West Side Horns:
  7. Bad Economy Boogie! Trace Relations - Prosperity Street w/ Augie Meyers
  8. Open Mind, Open Eye - Trace Relations original, a bluesy jam band groove... Upbeat and uplifting, the lyric is about acceptance of where you are in life, and a desire to move ahead with an open mind, an open eye and an open heart. 
  9. ReverbNation:
  10. Video to "Tell Me What's the Reason" features great twin guitar action from Trace Relations' Kevin Lewis and special guest, Dallas blues kingpin Brian "Hash Brown" Calway:
  11. "Tell Me What's the Reason" Trace Relations & Hash Brown Tribute to T-Bone Walker
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  13. Video to "Groover's Paradise" tribute to Doug Sahm, featuring great guitar action from Trace Relations' Kevin Lewis and Texas Tornados' Shawn Sahm. Shot in Austin and the hill country of Texas:
  14. Groover's Paradise - Tribute to Doug Sahm by Trace Relations
  15. Check out all 4 videos in the youtube playlist, linked in this post:
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  17. Video to the rock instrumental track "Last Call" a Trace Relations original. Showcase of stock footage from