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#AskCostolo yields pointed questions for Twitter CEO


  1. The #AskCostolo promotional hashtag for a TV interview with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo on Tuesday became a lightning rod for activists who are frustrated with Twitter's handling of alleged threats, bullying and harassment on the social network.

  2. Users responded with questions: 
  3. Those tweeting about harassment and abuse said they were doing so on behalf of others who felt unable to speak up.
  4. Other questions were about the nuts and bolts of the micro-blogging site. 
  5. And some were from fellow Twitter insiders: 
  6. CNBC acknowledged that the hashtag “took on a life of its own,” citing a stat from social analytics company Tweetbinder that 32 per cent of the more than 8,000 #AskCostolo tweets posted were related to user safety, privacy and abuse.  

  7. Here's CNBC's roundup of the response. 
  8. Meanwhile, Twitter shares soared after the social media company reported earning had more than doubled to $312.2 million (U.S.)