For a Pest-Free Perimeter

Another useful household tip from Handy Andy


  1. There are a lot of upsides to summer weather but one in particular is dinning outside under a beautiful summer sky.
  2. There's just one problem though ...
  4. Flies, gnats, mosquitoes are such pesky, persistent little pests that seem to be set out on ruining your perfect day in the garden. 
  5. Here's a simple way to set up a pest free perimeter:
  6. Fill up clear plastic bags with water, tie them closed and place them on tables, or around your deck.
  7. But make sure the water bags are placed where they can catch sunlight. The light hitting the water creates a prism that confuses flies and other bugs ensuring a bug-free zone! (You can add a couple coins to the bags to increase the prism effect)
  8. Pretty cool right? Now just make sure that when you are done in the garden that you remove the water bags. We don't want to leave plastic bags outside that could harm birds or any other animals that might come into contact with them.
  9. Thanks for the tip Nicole Crowley
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