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Top 5 Sand and Water Tables 2014 - The "Best" List and Reviews

For toddlers and young children, sand and water tables have become one of the favorite ways for little ones to get outdoors, be creative and have a blast. I have collected the 5 "best" of these together in a list, rankings based on 2014 popularity and/or high average reviews.


  1. Review excerpt:  "Below I'm going to cut and paste my first review of this toy, one I posted almost 3 years ago. My five stars still hold true although I have had some leg weakness since then (but we've owned the toy 6 years now and I've got three bigger kids--7, 5, 3--leaning on it in every direction as well as an 80 lb. labrador retriever who has taken to standing in it to look over the fence, ahem...anyway)..."  (Get pricing and more info on this table...)
  2. Review excerpt:  "I think this is a great table as a water table, but to mix the sand and water may be messy and frustrating for some parents. We are currently using ours as a sand table. My almost 2 year old likes to climb in and sit in there. Once all the sand has been thrown/spilled and scooped out, we will likely change this to a water only table and get a sandbox that sits on the ground..."  (Get pricing and more info on this table...)
  3. Review:  "We bought this for our grandson, and gave it to him for his first birthday last February. Of course, he didn't play with it until summer, but by the time May, June, July and August rolled around it was perfect for him. He spent hours with the water play and never got bored with it. Great gift..."  (Get pricing and more info on this table...)
  4. Review excerpt:  "My son (3 years old) absolutely loves the Sandy Lagoon Waterpark. So much more so than I imagined he would. More than just a toy to splash in the water, it's like bringing the fun of the beach right into our back yard. He plays for hours racing Scuba Steve and Silly Sally down the twin waterslides..."  (Get pricing and more info on this table...)
  5. 5. ECR4Kids Play Island Table

  6. Manufacturer product info:  "The bright and colorful sand and water table from ECR4Kids has two distinct play areas and sand and water toys to keep everyone entertained. Use the cover to create a solid play space for drawing that can be wiped clean; also keeps sand and water in place when not in use. Remove the legs for toddlers to play on the ground. When finished, legs fit snuggly inside the table for efficient storage. The Play Island table is perfect for ages two and up for use indoors or out..."  (Get pricing and more info on this table...)
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