Top 5 Mickey Mouse Watches for Women - 2014 Best Ratings

Hey lady-Mickey-fans! If you are a collector of Mickey Mouse watches or are just searching out a cute watch to buy, I have put together a list of the 5 best ones in terms of customer popularity and ratings - here they are...


  1. "Got this for my wife to wear to work occasionally. It looks great, and keeps perfect time. Note: the face of the watch is a little smaller than I expected, but still easy to read the time OK. I would recommend to anyone who likes inexpensive watches to wear on a daily basis..."  (Click here for more info on this watch...)
  2. "Great watch for those that like a classic look and a wind up mechanism. What is very interesting is that the watch is made to look vintage. It has a somewhat yellowed dial and fake imperfections in the case like painted on marks, not scratches..."  (Click here for more info on this watch...)
  3. "I have a Lorus version of Mickey and wanted another decent quality one of a different style. Nowadays so many Mickeys are el cheapos from China and of poor quality. This Ingersoll really filled the bill for me. Its fit and finish are first rate. It is very attractive..."  (Click here for more info on this watch...)
  4. "As someone who loves watches and collects Mickey watches in particular, I have to say this piece is gorgeous on both fronts. It is an elegant timepiece, and honors the Mickey history of then and now perfectly..."  (Click here for more info on this watch...)
  5. "I have several watches that I have collected over the years and this is one of my favorite. It is big and cannot be missed on your wrist. The face is clean with no unnessesary markings except for the date window (which is important to me)..."  (Click here for more info on this watch...)
  6. There are my picks - what I found as being the 5 best "Mickey" watches for women this year based on - not on my own opinion - but on what I found to be the general consensus of ladies overall who are searching for and buying these watches this year - if you want to see more, here are some additional resources to check out: