Top 5 Books for Kids Age 9 2014 - Best Books for 9 Year Olds This Year

If you have done some browsing recently either on the internet or in "brick and mortar" stores, you probably are aware of the fact that there are some really great books available for kids at or around 9 years of age. Of all these great choices, I have hunted down the top 5...


  1. "My 5th grader has craniofacial anomalies and I feel that this book could not have been better written. RJ Palacio caught Auggie's voice so well and captured his challenges and strengths so beautifully that I still can't believe that she doesn't have a child who is living this life..."  (Get more info on this book...)
  2. "The misadventures of Greg Heffley, a 6th grade middle school student, continue to be a rip-roaring affair striking the funny bones of young and old alike everywhere..."  (Get more info on this book...)
  3. "Reminds me of how Nintendo and Sega games used to come with an instruction booklet back in the 80s. If you are an adult who loves Minecraft, this is a great reference..."  (Get more info on this book...)
  4. "After watching the movie, l decided to get the book. l was not surprised to see that there was a lot more detail in the book. Although it would be pleasing to me if the book also had a song lyric section..."  (Get more info on this book...)
  5. "My daughter and I come to this from the younger audience DiCamillo books - most specifically the wonderful, screwball Mercy Watson books. My daughter is a second-grader for whom this is a tad advanced, mostly in the vocabulary, though I suspect most of the target audience and even a few adults, may have trouble here and there with this..."  (Get more info on this book...)
  6. There are my top 5 picks - here some additional resources for 2014 top books for 9 year olds: