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Top 5 Books for Kids Age 5 in 2014 - Best Rated Picks

There are quite a number of books available for kids at or around age 5 - many, many of them are quite good in their own ways - some teach life lessons, some help kids academically - while some are just plain fun. Of all the picks toward the beginning of 2014, here are what I believe are the best..


  1. "This is a sweet little bedtime book in a simple rhyming format, but the best thing about this book are the illustrations. I absolutely love them, so much so, in fact, that I am rethinking my plan of giving this book to my little granddaughter..." (Read more...)
  2. "I don't know how you condense an hour and 40 min. movie into a Little Golden Book but it was done very well. My daughters saw the movie and loved it so much that I picked this up for them. It is written very well. Of course some of the details had to be left out but I've read this at least twice a day since it came in..." (Read more...)
  3. "This made my grandsons--aged 5 and 3--laugh out loud. A big success in the gift-from-grandma department. MY daughter, who has to read favorite books over and over, loved it too..." (Read more...)
  4. "I've had three children who fell in love with this book around age two. It does a wonderful job of teaching colors, animals and rhyme to toddlers.  Aided by Carle's unique illustrations, this book begs to be chanted by the parent who will be reading it for the umpteenth time..."  (Read more...)
  5. "Anna Dewdney delivers another Masterpiece in her bestselling Llama Llama children's series. This fun-filled story teaches children different situations they will be confronted with, and how to handle and combat bullying, through the experience that Llama Llama endured. As Llama Llama makes lots of new friends in school, he also has to deal with being teased from Gilroy Goat..." (Read more...)
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