Best Natural Shea Butter Hand Creams 2017 - Top 5 List of What to Buy Online

Attention shea butter lovers! Here are this year's "best of" top 5 list - natural and organic shea butter moisturizing creams for hands...


  1. Looking to find the perfect hand cream? Look no further - shea butter can soften skin (including hands) like nothing else, and it helps to nourish skin and provide what it needs - naturally. Here is a list of 5 of the best natural and organic hand creams with - you guessed it - shea butter...

  2. Top 5 List for 2017 - Best Shea Butter Creams for Hands:

  3. By far the most looked for, the most loved shea butter hand cream available on the market today. A wonderfully luxurious cream, containing 20% shea butter also contains honey, almond and coconut oil to provide the ultimate in soft hands. This one has even won a few prestigious awards! Find out more about this cream or buy it online here.
  4. In addition to having the richness of shea butter, this hand cream also provides the benefits of both aloe and green tea. Almost everyone is aware of the magical healing properties of aloe, but did you know that green tea also has some pretty amazing benefits? (True fact - I use a green tea cream for my eyes and it is amazing!) Very reasonably priced, this choice among shea butter hand creams is also worth a look - find out more about it here.
  5. For true organic product lovers, this is the choice among shea butter hand creams. It has a special formula that brings it down to earth like none of the others on this list. And - not only can it be used on hands, it can be used for all kinds of skin and even hair to add moisture! Said to give skin a healthy glow - and I believe it. Find out more about this product here.
  6. This hand cream stands out to me as one I will make a point to buy and try - of course with shea butter, this hand cream is also imbued with other elements that are well known for their skin softening and healing properties including soy, vitamin e, cocoa butter and of all things - frankincense and myrrh. Enjoy all of the softening and healing benefits that this hand cream obviously provides. Find out more about it here.
  7. Probably the most well-known name on the list, Burt's Bees has also kicked in with their own shea butter hand cream - and the reviews from those who have used it - while a bit more divided than some of the others - overall say that this is also a good one to try for softening and healing hands. With an uber-rich texture, this one is also on the list as one of the best for softening skin and improving skin texture. Find out more about it, or find out price here.

  8. Well, that is this year's list. Shea butter is a very hot commodity right now - and trying one of the above among the best natural and organic hand creams will very likely result in a "satisfied customer" with super-soft hands.

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  10. Best Natural and Organic Hand Creams List - Top 5 for 2017