Best Natural and Organic Skin Moisturizers - Top 5 Lotions List and Guide for 2017

Natural and organic lotions for 2017 - "best of" list and guide...


  1. Chances are you have heard how effective and healthy natural and organic skin moisturizers really are. From small cosmetic companies to well-known labels, there are some wonderful picks - here I am sharing a gathering of the 5 best natural and organic skin lotions for 2017 - plus some other helpful tips, lists and more.

  2. The Top 5 - 2017 Best Natural Skin Moisturizing Lotions:

  3. This natural-ingredient moisturizing lotion is probably familiar - and there is a good reason for that: Many people love it. Getting amazing ratings and reviews overall, this "staple" on a bathroom counter is apparently doing the job right for a number of women and men. Here is a great place to find this lotion for the right price.
  4. Another very hot seller among natural skin lotions - Alba Botanica has different versions of their "Very Emollient" lotion, this is the original - and apparently still one of the most popular of all natural brands. A great pick for those ladies and men with normal to dry skin, to give it the boost and moisturizing it needs. (I found this lotion for a marked-down price here.
  5. I have plenty to say about Everyone's Coconut and Lemon body lotion - in fact I could go on and on about it. It doesn't surprise me that it's on the "hot list" for this year, since it does an absolutely amazing job with moisturizing -- and the scent is absolutely amazing!! Love it. I found a great price for this lotion here and here.
  6. I have been seeing the name "Puracy" more and more when it comes to shopping for natural and organic skin care. While I have not tried this lotion personally (yet), this is apparently one of the most sought-out and purchased organic lotions around. Some of the highlights of this lotion are that it is fragrance free and leaves no greasy feeling after application. I found this lotion in a single bottle for a great price here, and found it and for a good price for "buy two" here.
  7. Here is another lotion that I have tried, and LOVED. I got a sample size from my hairdresser (who highly recommended it), and it does a beautiful job - and it has a killer soft scent. I was not surprised to see this one rising to the "hot list" of natural and organic skin lotions either. Some of the most highlighted features of this lotion include it having hemp seed oil as one of its ingredients and no nasty parabens. I found this lotion for the lowest price here.

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