Best Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Gels - What to Buy in 2017

Aromatherapy bath and shower gels - Top Picks List and Guide


  1. Over the past several years, the value of aromatherapy has become more and more well known. Including the concept of bath and shower - which in itself provides soothing and often invigorating effects. Here is a list of some of this year's "best of" aromatherapy bath and shower gels - to help along your journey into what nature can actually do for mind and body...

  2. 5 of the Best Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Gels for 2017

  3. Bath & Body Works seems to have the "in" on aromatherapy bath and body products - here is what appears to be their best-selling and top-reviewed aromatherapy bath and shower gel - it contains both eucalyptus and spearmint as well as green tea which provides amazing benefits to the skin. Wonderful! Find out more about this bath gel here.

  4. Another masterpiece in shower and bath gels from Bath and Body Works - created with orange and ginger, this cleanser helps to stimulate alertness and sharpen the mind. Coupled with soothing and moisturizing elements, this product is another winner among nature's gifts. Find out more about it here.

  5. Providing 7 (count 'em!) aromatherapy bath and shower gels, Om She is one of the hottest-sellers among aromatherapy body cleansing products. With no harsh chemicals added, these gels provide ingredients which further everything from relaxation to stamina. This looks like it just might be a "go to" product for those who enjoy natural and organic products for their skin. Get more info on these product here.

  6. I can personally speak for the power of lavender bath and shower products for helping to relax and sleep deeply - giving the body and mind a lovely rest and break from the stresses of life. This is another beautifully thought-out bath product from Bath & Body Works, combining the effects of both lavender and chamomile - two of the most soothing gifts from nature. Find out more about this body wash here.

  7. Here is the final addition to this "top 5" list of aromatherapy shower gels - and it is from one of my person favorite names in natural and organic body products. With a bit of a different angle that the products listed above, Kiss My Face has combined some beautiful herbs to provide scents that invigorate, sharpen and stimulate and sometimes relax the body and mind - and they have a nice variety to choose from. Find out more about these bath products here.

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