5 Best Children's Chapter Books 2014 - What Kids Love to Read

At the point when children come out of "little kids'" book stage, they are often ready to take on chapter books - extending their imaginations and enhancing reading abilities. Here is a collection of the best kids' chapter books in 2014 - capturing the hearts, minds and humors of kiddos everywhere.


  1. My personal review on this one - my son and I read the Magic Treehouse books regularly - now more than halfway through the entire series.  These books enhance a sense of adventure for kids, also encouraging their interest in important world events of the past - from a child's standpoint.  Lovely reading - although it is important to keep a good children's dictionary to hand because (IMHO) too many "big words" are used for this reading level.  On the other hand, these words also encourage the learning of new words, increasing vocabulary.  (Get full info on this book set....)
  2. "Finally, a beginning chapter book for kids that is both fun AND wholesome! My kids loved the Amelia Bedelia series of books when they were beginning readers. Now there is an all new series featuring Amelia as a child..."  (Get full info on this book...)
  3. "My son and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My son is entering third grade, but is struggling with reading at the level he should be at. This book is aimed for his age, but is still an easy reader. It helped give him the confidence he needs as it is aimed towards third and fourth graders and he could read it..."  (Get full info on this book...)
  4. "My 7-year-old reads at a 4th grade level, but he doesn't enjoy reading. Well, nothing aside from Pokemon books or Wrestling magazines. I've been struggling to introduce him to reading for pleasure -- a real book, you know, with chapters.

    This book is just what he needed..."  (Get full info on this book...)
  5. "I absolutely love the way Anna is portrayed in this adorable chapter book! We really get a good insight to her character, and kids will love how relatable and human she is. Though it is a recap of the movie, it's a lot of fun to see Anna process how the events play out..."  (Get full info on this book...)
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