Creating Mood with Colour and Paint

In this article I will show you how to create atmosphere in your property by combining different colours and shades.


  1. There have been lots of studies showing that colour affects mood. Often on a subconscious level we rarely notice. This insight into human psychology can be used to great effect within our home. With subtle use of colour we can change the way we feel from one room to the next. Human perception of colour can be both instinctive and learned culturally. For example in the Western cultures red is seen as danger or stop where as in the Orient it is good luck and wealth. But it feels warm and vibrant so a little used to wake up a room is a good thing. Be careful though it can be very overpowering.

  2. Yellow also gives a warm feel to a room and a little will give a lively upbeat feel but can seem harsh if too much is used. Tone it down with cooler blues or pale sorbets. According to painting and decorating London specialists a kitchen or bathroom is a great space for some yellow perking you up in the morning, but never use it in a nursery babies cry more with too much yellow around.

  3. Green is loved by and touches us all, found everywhere in nature we have a connection to green in a deep and profound way. A most relaxing and comforting colour it can be used in a family room creating a loving atmosphere.

  4. Brown is also found everywhere in nature, a restful but bold colour. Most wood and stone are in shades of brown and men relate to this making it an ideal colour for an office or den. Mix in some dramatic textiles like plaid or checker board for a contemporary look.

  5. You either love or loathe orange another vivid upbeat colour. Not in anyway calming or restful it is very energetic. Avoid large amounts of orange in your bedroom if you like to spend time unwinding before you sleep. However if you get early morning sun to wake up to an orange wall or curtains brings a cheery start to the day. Great for that retro look in a kitchen it will help make it a sociable place to be.

  6. Every home should have a space for tranquility and introspection blues will give you that. Too much however can feel cold and unwelcoming balance out with some artwork in shades of yellow or orange and pale blues make a serene space.

  7. Purples can be difficult to use as they are a mix of red and blue. Often bringing out the negative aspects of both colours strong purples should be used sparingly. Paler shades tending toward the blue are popular colours for bedrooms. Giving a dreamy quality they are soft and lend themselves to a good nights sleep.

  8. We hope you find creating mood with colour and paint a subtle way to bring different atmospheres to your rooms. Try experimenting with some of our suggestions and see how visitors react and your own mood changes.

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