Zombies' takeover Brighton town

A look at Brighton's 'Beach of the Dead 2012'


  1. By Tom Robinson
  2. Thousands of zombies’ staggered to Brighton for this year's 'Beach of the Dead' which took place on 20 October on Brighton’s seafront.

    Last year's event saw 4000 participants making the zombie walk through the City and this year's was set to be even bigger.

  3. For the last 6 years 'Beach Of The Dead' has been run by Katie Amer, who relies on donations and ticket sales from the after party at Concorde 2.

    Organiser, Katie, said: “Beach of the Dead is a very long process, planning is constant throughout the year, be it meetings and organisation of the after party, it can be a lot of for one person to do but watching it all unfold on the day and seeing the effort everyone goes into for their costumes, really makes it worthwhile!”.

    Due to the events ever increasing success Brighton and Hove Council requested higher precausions regarding to health and safety.

    More stewards and medics were needed to cater to the high number of participants taking part this year.

  4. The streets of Brighton were infested with an impressive variety of zombies, from zombie schoolgirls to a zombie Jesus no expense was spared in some of the costumes.

    Katie said: “Beach of the Dead was a huge success, 6,000 participants and hundreds more spectators.

    “Being at the front of the parade I rarely get to see the actual size of the event, but seeing the images and video footage simply blows me away.”