#MichED Poverty Matters Chat 1-11-17

Moderated by Brenda Tenniswood Based on Eric Jansen's book Teaching with Poverty in Mind

  1. Welcome to tonight’s chat! Tonight’s questions inspired by Teaching with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen- Ch 3 #MichEd #MiPovertyMatters
  2. I’m Brenda Tenniswood, Director of Ed. Services & member of group working to prompt dialogue about poverty. #MichEd #MiPovertyMatters
  3. Another great day at the Big History Lesson, students enjoyed #rowtheboat and being voyageurs and miners! #miched pic.twitter.com/dyxfzYtf4c
  4. Rachelle from St. Clair. Excited to continue Poverty work. It's a focus for @PHSchools #1phasd #MichED
  5. Chris Conrad from Allegan checking into #miched. Looking forward to a great discussion tonight.
  6. Welcome Rachel. Awesome to have you. I know you'll have great ideas #MichEd #mipovertymatters
  7. Kaarin Averill tweeting for Oakland University School of Education #miched
  8. @arinabokas Welcome Arina! I always appreciate what you add to the #MichED conversation
  9. @RMWynkoop rainy on the west side. Turing to mix later tonight. In other words, three of the four seasons today. #miched #miwinter
  10. We will be using the Q1: & then you respond w/ A1: format to keep the chat organized and don't forget to include #MichEd #MiPovertyMatters
  11. Todd joining in 7th grade science teacher from Warren! #miched
  12. Matt, Director of Innovation in Teach and Learning at Schoolcraft Community Schools reporting for #miched duty!
  13. Jensen talks about value of being positive. Q1 is related to this... #miched #MIpovertymatters
  14. Q1: What are you grateful for? What are you looking forward to in the new year? #michEd #MiPovertyMatters
  15. Drea Weiner, STEM Education Coordinator here out of Traverse City. I'm looking forward to the convo! #miched
  16. A1: I'm grateful I didn't have to "stand up, hand up , pair up" during PD today! Thx for making my day @btenniswood #MichED
  17. Nicole, Art Teacher (this year) and closet library media specialist/ed tech nerd, Coldwater Community Schools. #MichED
  18. A1: Really grateful for the educators I work with and learn from #michEd #MiPovertyMatters
  19. A1: Grateful for my health and family. Good kids in class. Awesome coworkers and friends. #MichEd #MiPovertyMatters
  20. I'm grateful to find my DREAM position where I can help Students, Teachers & Admin! Looking forward 2 innovating teach & learning #miched
  21. A1: Greatful for a diverse group of students who are eager to become adults #miched Challenging me to be the best T I can be!
  22. A1: I am thankful for opportunity, deep love, and the capacity to grow and feel. #MichEd #MIpovertymatters
  23. A1: Grateful for the opportunity to brush up on any art skills I have, and to have a good year creating with all my el students. #MichED
  24. Hi #miched. #MiPovertyMatters is a very important topic @PHSchools. Looking forward to tonight's chat.
  25. @RMWynkoop @btenniswood What we do that in every PD and encouraged to do it in class! #miched Pairing up for all!
  26. I'm grateful for my amazing teachers who are willing to tackle the world of technology in their classrooms. #miched #MiPovertyMatters
  27. I'm grateful for oppt. to learn - some were great and some were tough. Both provided fuel. A1 #miched
  28. Q2a: What do you think of when we say the brain has the capacity to change? #michEd #MiPovertyMatters
  29. A1: Health and safety. Have had some friends who have not been as luck this week. #miched
  30. A1: I'm grateful for my family, colleagues, and this #miched community. But also grateful for a life filled with beautiful/complex joy.
  31. A2: Authentic opportunities to show learning motivates someone to grow! They can see themselves making positive change! #miched
  32. A2a: I think of the Ss in my class that hated math to begin yr & leave thinking it's easy. #MichEd #MiPovertyMatters
  33. A2: Intelligence is often regarded as fixed. Research shows there is much to be done to influence ability to learn. #MichED
  34. A2. Brain plasticity shows that the brain changes physically when we learn #miched
  35. A2: That everything the naysayers is wrong. Potential is at the root of hope. We owe it to our kids to let them know they CAN. #MichED
  36. From trials to knowledge. As brain matures, it changes; it relies more on fact/knowledge vs. abstract thinking. #miched #MIPovertyMatters
  37. 2a: If one feel change is beneficial and purposeful then one can change thinking patterns and grown! #michEd
  38. Hey @StacyTurkeOTyou should check out the #miched chat happening right now. Talk of brains changing & stuff you know all about! :)
  39. A2 Shreds the idea of "fixed" IQ. Empowers teachers as agents of change and agents of hope> Supports grwth mindset #MichEd #MiPovertyMatters
  40. A2: life experiences and positive influences help us see thing differently. And for some reason I think this looks like @JGer1 #miched pic.twitter.com/YIIK0gHjr3
  41. A2a: The brain doesn't have a Fixed Mindset. It can always Grow when it's fed correctly. Positivity! #miched
  42. A2a: I think of how my own brain continues to expand and my kiddos stunning me with their progress #MichEd #MIpovertymatters
  43. A2: if experiences are positive growth and change will occur! #michEd Schools need to be that positive place!!
  44. A2b:Fluid intelligence = Ss’ ability 2 rapidly adjust strategies & thought processes frm 1 context 2 another. #michEd #MiPovertyMatters
  45. Q2b: How do you foster fluid intelligence with your students on a classroom or building level? #michEd #MiPovertyMatters
  46. A2: When we say our brains can change, we mean we can be more than just the product of our upbringing. #miched
  47. A2b: Modeling, at least in the younger grades. And challenging kids to try something- figure out what works. #miched
  48. @MrDomagalski Yes. I would add the brain can grow when fed in any way. The better the field, the greater the yield. #MichEd
  49. A2B Fluid intelligence often a challenge for s frm poverty. Critical to help tchrs develop #miched #mipovertymatters
  50. There is a differnce btw a fixed mindset & crystallazed intellenge. Mindset we create; intelligence is how brain process info. #miched
  51. A2b: Challenge/Foster fluid intellegence using Talk Move strategies, deeper thinking questions (Tier 3 & 4), and Visible Thinking. #miched
  52. A2 Generalizing concepts across content area-how do you teach/develop? #miched #mipovertymatters
  53. A2b: Relationships, relationships, relationships. And meaningful and engaging learning for dessert. Intelligence flows we care 4 Ss #miched
  54. A2b: May be cliche but I really believe Maker/STEAM activist foster flexibility in all content areas. #miched
  55. I create tasks to eliminate recollections; require ss to obtain/analyze own info; take walks; make connections Q2b #miched #MIPowertyMatters
  56. A2B: Build levl: Throw an event/assembly at them & let them plan it. All have attended & apply that experience to make1 'better'. #miched
  57. A2b: Look for ways for Ss to apply content & push their abilities. Always justifying?Looking for alternate mthods. #MichEd #MiPovertyMatters
  58. A2b: Model, Model and Model very hard for many students to generalize concepts #michEd
  59. A2b: providing framework for thinking. For instance, Thinking Maps. Ss understand how to conceptualize & organize across content #MichED
  60. A2b: Learning is messy. I embrace the mess while helping Ss reach goals. #MichEd #MiPovertyMatters
  61. Q3: Important to teach students from poverty how to sustain effort. What strategies do you use to encourage? #michEd #MiPovertyMatters
  62. We need to move away from the idea of one right answer or one right way. Show me your thinking! A2b #miched #MIPovertyMatters
  63. A3: Goal setting and tracking with students allows them to see growth even if incremental. SBG helps to categorize & define this! #miched
  64. A3: Instruction that honors perseverance, problem solving and conversation over knowing an answer builds stamina. Practice! #Miched
  65. A3 Important to help s set goals and celebrate s accomplishment of goals #michEd #MiPovertyMatters
  66. A3: Was typing something similar:) Allow kids to be creative and show what they know in a way that make sense to them. #Miched  https://twitter.com/arinabokas/status/819355771087503360 
  67. A4: Respect for all. Encourage mistakes as part of learning. Sharing/valuing different methods. #MichEd #MiPovertyMatters
  68. 1. strong relationships with my ss 2. share stories about when I stuck with something. 3. encourage & support. Probably not enough? #miched
  69. A3 Studentd need to see the results of sustained efforts #michEd Use lituature and stories of people's struggles/ efforts to succeed!
  70. A3: When I taught in a school with high poverty, it was all about small achievements. Make yourself better in one way each day. #miched
  71. Focus on the process & progress. Celebrate little victories; show how they add up to big results. A3 #miched #MIPovertyMatters
  72. A3: Ensure Ss know learning does not stop with a single assessment or assignment. It is about creating a culture of growth. #michEd
  73. A3: For many of these kids just letting them know you care will provide them the confidence to succeed #Miched
  74. Hey #miched sorry I’m late. Excited to be here tonight.
  75. A4 At one of them. They’re big on Grit. But what about the skills/strategies you need to use Grit? #miched
  76. A4: I think "growth-mindset" is a work in progress for our schools - and that's a very good thing. I see and hear growth talk daily #miched
  77. We need to have high expectations for ss. Often we make excuses. Do we REALLY believe they can? They'll know A3 #miched #MIPovertyMatters
  78. A4: Growth Mindset prevails with those I've spoken with throughout TBAISD. #miched
  79. A4: Just started talking growth mindset at our school this year. Lots of positive energy, but just at admin level right now. #miched
  80. A4 We are visiting as an admin team how to change teacher evals to focus on teacher growth more and student scores less! #miched
  81. A4: A Growth Mindset is starting to take off. Some still use time & curriculum as reasons to stay Fixed. Trying to break the mold #miched
  82. A4: I think so. No one settles. We all challenge our students. Sometimes positivity gets zapped by Stand tsting. #MichEd #MiPovertyMatters
  83. Growth mindset can be patchy. In some areas we want to grow; in some we hold on to what we know, when it means more work. A4 #miched
  84. A4: I feel like it's something that is inherently known. Growth Mindset might not be what they call it. #miched
  85. A4: Working mainly with teachers & adults, I see growth mindsets prevailing, but they are in combat with fatigue and duties. #MichEd
  86. A4: Half way through The Innovator's Mindset by @gcouros w/ staff. Hope it helps... #miched #MiPovertyMatters
  87. @csteenst Could you define that? I can tell you which theory you're speaking of. #MichEd #Jeopardy 🤓
  88. We are always trying to bring it back to the growth mind set in my rm.Posters are up to help Ss remember what to say in hard times. #Miched
  89. Q5: What interventions have you found effective in improving reading achievement? #michEd #MiPovertyMatters
  90. @arinabokas It has to be. I always felt that the day that I have the "perfect" year will be the year I retire. Always tinkering. #miched
  91. "Teachers work extremely hard, doing work that is more important than touting hedge funds." #miched  http://www.j.mp/2jE7D1c 
  92. @arinabokas The more work part is a major deterent, I find. Change means effort & often time, which can be in short supply. #MichEd
  93. A5: Students find success when having choice and working in small groups #michEd
  94. @btenniswood Thank you. It's Miss Jameel. 🙋🏻Impressed by #michEd chat thus far. Different. Like an 🍎Apple sort of way.
  95. Crystallized intelligence correlates w abilities that depend on knowledge/experience: vocabulary, general information, analogies. A5 #miched
  96. A5: Connecting to areas of interest. This can be personal interests, but also controversial & current events. #MichEd
  97. Everyone wants change; no one wants TO change. Part of human nature, i am afraid. @csteenst #miched
  98. @csteenst @arinabokas I always will make time for meaningful change. Change for change's sake is my deterrent...#miched
  99. A5: Student choice, workshop model done correctly, Student program on Reading A-Z, LLI use, small group #miched #MiPovertyMatters
  100. A5: Allow them to read what interest them. For me it was about the skill not the text (in secondary) #Miched
  101. A5: Build strong relationships with students then show them the power of learning #michEd When the see the end game the work harder
  102. Reading: peer tutoring w SIGHT WORDS, building story background; specific vocabulary; reading subskills A5 #miched #MIPovertyMatters
  103. @AnnSmart17 Our Eng dept does this. pg requirement + read what you want = more lifelong readers. #miched
  104. A5: I think the work our middle schools are doing to create a culture of reading and honoring choice reading is impactful #miched
  105. A5: The best interventions I see targwt specific skills with goal of a set benchmark before intervention ends #MTSS #MichEd
  106. A5: Differentiating + Personalizing Reading. For example: ⬇️Avg Ss need an Aide/Volunteer to do extra 📖Reading w/Ss in Class😬🍎 #MichEd
  107. A5: Modeling reading & its benefits/joys whenever possible. Some of our Ts have "What I'm currently reading" posters up in room #MichEd
  108. Last question up next...I'm sure it will generate great conversation! #MIpovertymatters #miched
  109. A2a: Neural Pathways can be changed + ⬆️can be created. #Creativity is often a reflection of this. #BrainTheory #MichEd
  110. Q6:“The reason things stay the same is because we stay same.” What's the #1 thing we need to change? #michEd #MiPovertyMatters
  111. Ss need to understand that reading gives power & helps them discover who they are. Thus, it has to be relevant to ss. #miched  https://twitter.com/kithard/status/819360619568697344 
  112. A6: As educators, we need to shift our thinking of role from owners of knowledge. Demonstrate #growthmindset ourselves #MichED
  113. @ShackKyle Is that an intervention or something else? I think of intervention as addressing a defined, specific learning challenge. #MichEd
  114. A6: Change from students "knowing" content, to students understanding concepts/developing skills #MichEd
  115. Ourselves. I need to change how I think about something and walk my talk. A6 #miched
  116. A6: Constant adjusting for best possible growth: your professional development, classroom management, teaching strategies, etc. #miched
  117. A6: Lege needs to see that Ss personal exp DOES affect their learning. $upport districts so ALL can find success. #MichEd #MiPovertyMatters
  118. @csteenst Great point. That is more culture building than skill intervention. #MichEd
  119. A6: We are no longer the holder of information and we need to teach that way #miched
  120. Boyne was able to have the wonderful @rubyKpayne this yr. We need to improve how we communicate with Ss and their families. #miched
  121. A2a: In younger Grades K-1 Ts often have a wall of Flowers 🌱🌱🌷🌷🌷🌼🌼🌷🌷🌱🌱 It's a good metaphor of what it's like to watch Ss growth. #MichEd
  122. A6 Google has content, Ts better have guidance, motivation, and passion. Can't find that online :) #miched
  123. A6: Tch need to be open to sharing more, asking for help more & letting Ss teach us too! #miched #bettertogether
  124. A6: Educators need to make a big shift in understanding how to teach growing populations of children in poverty. #miched
  125. 2yrs ago: a really good📰😬🍎on how 🍎Teachers + 🏀Athletes brains are similar. #MultiTasking #Strategizing #BrainTheory #MichEd
  126. A6 change from teaching facts to focus on teaching How to learn anything NEW! #michED life is always changing Need to keep up!
  127. Say "Yes" before you say "No" is a conerstoner of the culture @QuickenLoans We need to be open to ideas. Work with them. A 6 #miched
  128. Thanks so much to #miched for hosting and for all the great contributions this evening. #mipovertymatters
  129. Another hour by in the blink of an eye! Thank you for leading us this evening @btenniswood ! #MichED
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  135. Thanks @btenniswood for the chat! My internet went down the last few minutes 😕#miched
  136. #MichED All great As but must not use this as excuse to ignore our gifted kids, either! They must grow, too!  https://twitter.com/btenniswood/status/819351789501902850 
  137. A6: Ts Feel COMFORTABLE trying🆕things @ our pace. 💁🏽Forced🙇🏻 📲EdTech for EX: can create😡😲😱 💁🏽‍♂️Unless success is💯Guaranteed + ZPD'd #MichEd