#MichED Michigan's Transition to SAT 2-4-15

Moderated by Wendy Zdep-Roper from MASSP

  1. Good evening #MichED. Start with introductions. Name/position/school/passion. @massp will facilitate ACT to SAT  http://goo.gl/RSHvgs 
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  11. Grace Carpenter, Michigan Virtual University, English Department Lead. Passions: students, ed tech, multimedia, composition #miched
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  32. Q1: With the new SAT alignment to common core, do you anticipate any changes in K-12 curriculum/instruction? #miched
  33. Proper intro: I'm Bill Van Loo, technology & engineering teacher at @A2Steam in Ann Arbor. Leading @PLTWorg Launch grades K-6. #miched
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  35. Laura McDonell, St. Clair Had a blast searching for colleges with my ss. Looked at @TAMU #miched
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  39. A1: There will always be changes to K-12 curriculum and instruction. That's the nature of education. #miched
  40. A1: There will be definite change... and then they will change the assessment... AGAIN. #miched
  41. @conniehamilton I hope the change can focus on quality instruction rather than chasing test scores. #miched
  42. A1: yes, backward design is crucial with high-stakes assessments, and if SAT differs from ACT I think some change is inevitable #miched
  43. A1: w shift toward CC, the hope is that curriculum responds w more critical thinking pushes #miched
  44. A2: Plan is to continue with CCSS and MYP/IB and fit in the extra prep where we may need it. #miched
  45. A1 I'm hoping were teach kids to be critical thinkers not test takers. #miched
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  47. Hi #miched! David from Spring Lake, HS ELA teacher. A1: I certainly hope it does. Not because what's happening is bad; just change is good
  48. A1: Absolutely, so much content is currently geared toward ACT test-taking strategies and skills, especially the Writing portion. #miched
  49. @conniehamilton True- but what are you specifically anticipating in terms of changes? Is it K-12? #miched
  50. A1: SAT is totally different style of test: Might need to work on HOW Ts ask questions to prepare #miched
  51. Questions for #miched chat are coming from @massp this evening. Talking ACT to SAT.
  52. @PhysicsGuyTighe Guarenteed. New M-STEP in 2016 plus the SAT contract is 3 years. How to handle the change, that's the question. #miched
  53. @GraceMCarpenter curious, how much is ACT specific vs. good overall test taking strategies? #miched
  54. A1: I'm assuming things will be a changin'. If we are aiming for a different target now, guessing we'll need to take a diff path. #miched
  55. @blocht574 word on the street is it will be but won't be called NGSS. too controversial, just like CCSS... #miched
  56. @richbacolor @conniehamilton On the + side. Getting ppl ready for open Qs and explaining reasoning. is always a good thing. #miched
  57. #miched A1: Yes, a bit anyway. My HS daughter already had the ACT prep change over to SAT prep out of Lake Orion
  58. A1: K-12 will have to spend time looking at the SAT and see the differences #miched
  59. @DavidTheune As long as it is not "change for the sake of change". But I do agree - no growth unless we change. #miched
  60. @MrCarlsonSHS BAM! Great way to look at it. Its also about ensuring our kids are prepared for the college entrance exam. #miched
  61. @massp I'm seeing a greater emphasis on K-12 initiatives. Not driven by SAT, but looking at 13 years, not 180 days. #miched
  62. @blocht574 We'll see. That's a subject of conversation, but how that plays with this legislature is still TBD. #miched
  63. A1: It's awful actually, schools are finally getting a strong handle on ACT and they change it. The unobtainable carrot. #miched
  64. @GraceMCarpenter we certainly have put a lot of time into the current ACT writing prompt! #miched
  65. Ben from Zeeland, first timer to #miched Middle school science.
  66. Hello #MichEd 👋 Not in the ClassRM anymore. Taught 1st Gr (and other grades in between). Tutored PreK-12th. From IL.
  67. @PhysicsGuyTighe That is what I have heard: COME ON NGSS is great and needs to be adopted none of these name games to confuse #michED
  68. A1: Continue to develop content literacy. Textual evidence in social studies and science will be crucial. #MichED
  69. @tmaynard5 Hope we don't get frustrated that by the time we modify for the change, a new set of stds comes out and we start over. #miched
  70. @GraceMCarpenter And still no clear answer as to whether SAT essay is going to be part of the test. #miched
  71. Michelle Pepin, Croswell-Lexington High School, Science Teacher #biochat #miched
  72. @PattyPaxton2 Interesting. Not sure how they are doing that when the newly designed SAT isn't even out yet. #miched
  73. A1: How will schools ever make AYP? In 5 years, it will be another St test, another carrot dangling that can never be reached #miched
  74. @AnnSmart17 I'm with you, Ann. I can get behind the CCSS & IB standards. More? I just want it to align. Sounds like it's meant to. #miched
  75. @AnnSmart17 @PhysicsGuyTighe That is the rumor #michED Michigan Science Standards = NGSS in disguise
  76. @richbacolor @blocht574 It's the politicians not the MDE. They don't like to be told what to do! #miched
  77. @GraceMCarpenter For me it isn't so much the test itself, but the timing of more change w/so much already in flux. #miched
  78. A1 targets changing, rules changing, eval criteria changing--lack of adequate funding is all that stays the same. #miched
  79. @massp many Ss used higher than expected ACT scores as a springboard to college. Now must use SAT to show them their col readiness #miched
  80. A1: I wonder if how familiar a Ts are with the SAT styles. Will they need PD time to learn to teach yet another standardized test? #miched
  81. A1( seems like the SAT requires more vocabulary and logic practice? #miched
  82. @BobKefgen True, last year it was going to be SBAC at one point, so who knows. #miched
  83. @Denniston_Steve Agree 100%. Just feeling good with standards now. Please don't completely change them! #miched
  84. @mingchri ACT is such a predictable test in a lot of ways. Each exam has its own nuances. #miched
  85. @massp Phase-in would have been appreciated, esp with the overhaul to SAT #miched
  86. @BobKefgen @massp Thank Bob, You do an awesome job keep up on all of these changes for us! #miched
  87. @massp #miched The basic differences between the tests will likely be similar though... more reasoning less content knowledge vocab critical
  88. @Denniston_Steve absolutely! But change to change? Who does that, really? Less of a problem than NOT changing at all, yes? #miched
  89. @massp Working in #highered, I am interested in hearing how college preparedness will change with the ACT-SAT transition. #miched
  90. A1) wondering what the biggest focus should be at the middle school level to prep for these tests? #miched
  91. @benhondorp Yeah! Another @Creekside_MS Tch in the house! One who loves assessment! Please chime in w/ your ideas to #miched
  92. @lmcdonell14 Some of that is changing w/the new design. Supposed to be more CCSS aligned. #miched
  93. As long as we're talking about testing (which implies ranking/completion as opposed to learning)  https://educarenow.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/complicating-poverty/  #miched
  94. @lmcdonell14 Work with district to do K-12 vert alignment. Set grade lvl goals. Make those happen! #miched
  95. Q2: What are your concerns about college admissions with the switch from ACT to SAT? #miched
  96. @lmcdonell14 For years Explore/Plan were pre-ACT now it will be PSAT 8 and 9 coming our way. #miched
  97. A1: Scares me how much schools have invested with ACT and how little funding they'll have to switch over... #miched
  98. A2: NONE colleges have dealt with both tests for years they know what to look for: (hopefully not just test scores anyway) #miched
  99. @RMWynkoop good thought. I think though that schools will always have to focus on test-prep, since that's part of their evaluation. #miched
  100. RT“@blocht574: Todd here from Warren Checking in and Happy to announce New Shirt order form!  http://ln.is/www.booster.com/TI3rk  #miched
  101. A2: One thing my husband (HS guidance counselor) brought up is what about all the scholarship $ that is tied to ACT scores? #miched
  102. A2: not as concerned w college admissions, schools will norm against their applicants #miched . Early admissions may be slow though
  103. @EmmyRyd2016 Without a doubt, though the new SAT seems to look a lot like the ACT. #miched
  104. RT @massp: Q2: What are your concerns about college admissions with the switch from ACT to SAT? #miched @JeffreyDocking @deanacaldwell
  105. As usual lately, #miched chat is moving along quickly. It's ok if you don't catch it all. Join the conversation. We'll @Storify the chat
  106. A1:I think we will be told our current curriculum just needs tweaking even though an opportunity exists to do some REALLY cool stuff.#miched
  107. @tmaynard5 Ss can still take ACT on their own time. Free and reduced lunch students can still get reduced price. #miched.
  108. A2: Colleges are going to role with the flow, but nervous about students who are super qualified but aren't prepared for the SAT #miched
  109. @conrad_chris True, but will colleges change to $ tied to SAT scores as well? #miched
  110. Still telling my students (and nephew) to take the ACT next year. That's what Michigan universities know. I had to pay for my test! #miched
  111. @blocht574 Yes and No- true they accept both but much higher % of ACT and the SAT is redesigned...re-norming will be an issue. #miched
  112. A2: Good question, I wonder how that will influence Mi college admittance vs. out of state colleges, since SAT is more nationwide #miched
  113. @GraceMCarpenter agreed. I think a lot of the fear w SAT right now lies in the unknown. Bothers me they get bid wo full test formed #miched
  114. A2: Not worried about college entrance. Ss are planning on schools that fit needs. Will still get needed scores. #miched
  115. @GraceMCarpenter Welcome to my world. What are we doing today? I dunno, but there's a fair chance its different than yesterday. #miched
  116. @blocht574 That would be my hope. A test score (SAT or ACT) should not be the only criteria for college admissions. #miched
  117. @GraceMCarpenter "(as long as test scores are) part of their evaluation." // Let's work to change that! @RMWynkoop #miched
  118. Happy Wednesday from Ashburn! Reading, high school, I know WHAT?! #miched
  119. @conrad_chris @tmaynard5 Yes, and I would highly recommend that current 10th graders plan to take the ACT as well. #miched
  120. A1: I suppose that means Districts could hire SAT Prep Instructors from brand name College Test Prep Businesses to supplement change #miched
  121. @benhondorp hit nail on head there, hard to develop and improve w change all around you #miched
  122. A2: I've gotta figure out how my ACT Prep course is going to work in next year's schedule? THANKS MICHIGAN! #miched
  123. @lmcdonell14 Good question for @CollegeBoard. There is going to be a PSAT 8, so they're thinking about it. #miched
  124. @massp East coast is all SAT, mid-west is ACT and West coast is SAT: I went to HS on east coast no one took ACT Colleges will adjust #michED
  125. A2: What will SAT prep look like for science? PSAT does little with Social Studies or Science currently, right? #miched
  126. If we can't get rid of standardized tests (ugh), what if somebody just combined the best of both worlds with a hybrid test? #miched
  127. #miched A2: As a parent I will have my daughter take the ACT anyway. This way we have access to both benefits Colleges will adjust readily
  128. A2: feel we had Ss hitting max potential w/ ACT due to familiarity w/ test. Worry SAT scores will take 3-4 yrs 2 reach same levels #miched
  129. @kithard @blocht574 Its certainly not the only- GPA, extra curriculuars, AP classes, strength of schedule etc. #miched
  130. RT @PhysicsGuyTighe: A2: I've gotta figure out how my ACT Prep course is going to work in next year's schedule? THANKS MICHIGAN! #miched
  131. @delta_dc @RMWynkoop I agree, the masses have been known to have such influence before. It's up to us as educators to effect change #miched
  132. @massp @kithard I feel colleges will be moving more to portfolio of work in the future: WHAT have you done!! #miched
  133. @kerryguiliano Tell your local lawmakers. We have. Some PD funding or support for the switch will be key. Every voice helps! #miched
  134. @PattyPaxton2 Exactly. It's not like the ACT has gone away. It wasn't THAT LONG ago that kids had to pay to take it. #miched
  135. A2: I wonder if it will depend upon the college. what % of entrance is based on score vs other. #miched
  136. A2: Seeing a lot of recommendations for Ss taking both. So in my mind we're back to quality instruction for prep for both. #miched
  137. @BobKefgen @kerryguiliano YES ALL schools/ admin/Teachers need to lobby to fund the change! #miched
  138. @benhondorp Science is out of the picture in terms of the college entrance w/SAT there will be a wrap around measure. #miched
  139. @massp SHS plans to make this recommendation, we may even look into offering it at our school at least next year. Seems only fair #miched
  140. @blocht574 @massp @kithard I feel like this is what college should do, but the reality is ACT/SAT still such a major factor #miched
  141. What disservice will we be doing if the stats doesn't sponsor the ACT and state universities only accept it? Exporting more talent #miched
  142. A2) I need to study the SAT a little more. Take a practice myself so I know what the kids are bring asked to do. #miched
  143. @blocht574 Agreed, but that isn't done over night for schools like CMU, WMU etc that had a very high % of ACT. #miched
  144. @blocht574 @massp Bingo! My test scores have meant zilch since entering adulthood. The body of work I produce is more important now. #miched
  145. @GraceMCarpenter And how well MI Ss will compete for slots at competetive MI institutions. #miched
  146. @lmcdonell14 You might want to wait until the test is revised over the course of the next year. Ha, ha. #miched
  147. Teacher's Discovery had an SAT prep book on sale last week for under $5!! #miched
  148. A2: @massp If districts were willing to pay for it, could they offer the ACT through their school as well for Ss willing? #miched
  149. A1:There is no #Science on the SAT❗️ Deemphasizes the Sciences ➕ goes against the current #STEM tide. #Curriculum ❗️#miched
  150. @massp What do you mean by wrap around measure? I'm worried that STEM will be pushed to the side in lieu of new testing mandates.#miched
  151. @benhondorp New SAT will incorporate some science, social studies content, but not specific sections for either. #miched
  152. @ekdahljames @massp @kithard SO many students with = scores it is so much more than a test score: Scores just sort students #miched
  153. @kithard @blocht574 @massp Would love that.We are usually 1 of maybe 10-20 applications (at most) for jobs. 1000s apply to college. #miched
  154. @lmcdonell14 BAM! Good plan. Always recommend that. Wait 'till redesigned test is available. #miched
  155. If we continue to teach to not just one standardized test, but two now...where's time for actual education? #miched
  156. @massp @kithard Or the new Teacher Readiness Test: Glad I don't need any of those any more #miched
  157. @MrCarlsonSHS 46% of MI Ss getting 2 or more college ready scores on ACT in 2014 compared to 53% of Ss taking ACT nationwide. #miched
  158. A2: is it true the only college level person on the committee for new test selection was from a community college? #miched
  159. @EmmyRyd2016 Sure. I've heard some discussing that for 10th graders- don't feel there is enough transition time for them. #miched
  160. @AndreaModrell #ntchat #edchat #adechat #miched Best team building activity EVER for a school staff? Dodgeball! Try it & tell me I'm wrong!
  161. @richbacolor @delta_dc @RMWynkoop Yes! We know what our students really need in order to be functional, compassionate citizens #miched
  162. Q3: What has your school been doing to prep kids for ACT? How do you think this will change? Thoughts from elem/middle? #miched
  163. A1: Change is inevitable w/switch to SAT, but we are used to change as Ts. A2: Ss & Ts alike will have Qs about college readiness. #miched
  164. @blocht574 @massp @kithard btwn that and pay freezes, who would want to get in. Restricting rather than recruiting w $$ = wrong way #miched
  165. Here is the link for the new #michED shirts in case you missed it:  http://ln.is/www.booster.com/9nTsG  Please share with your network!
  166. @ujennifer81 right, how does test-prep teach our students about life? #miched
  167. A2: #CollegeAdmissions❓For Ss interested in #STEM careers to hopefully still have high standards in #Science classes. #miched
  168. So one of the benefits of juniors taking the ACT was college apps. Will colleges b accepting SAT now, or still require ACT? #miched
  169. @kithard @blocht574 Learning should always be greater than teaching to a test. The trick is to do both. #MichED
  170. A3: have an ACT Prep class and scores have gone up consistently last 4 years. #miched @LOHSprincipal
  171. #miched A2 I wish we were less worried about college (and career) readiness and more about citizen readiness.
  172. A3: Saturday Test Prep Course, ACT prep class, lots of teacher PD #miched
  173. A3: ACT prep classes in the CORE disciplines. I imagine they'll just change the title and keep rollin'! #miched
  174. I'm afraid that we will have fewer HS students willing to pay and schedule to take ACT= fewer students going on to college #miched
  175. A3: Total K-12 ACT-aligned curriculum revamp over the past couple years. Oops? #miched
  176. Q3: almost our entire curriculum supports it. This is going to be a huge impact on our students because of it. #miched
  177. @delta_dc NOW that is true: Citizen readiness should be our goal: Or thinker readiness #miched
  178. Class Size Matters Stu blogger @OhHeyItsAbbs spots the problems of increasing class sizes  http://educationaltransformer.blogspot.com/ …/student-perspe… #miched
  179. A3: in #IL TestPrep Businesses are hired by Districts to prep Ss. I💭#MichEd might do try same. It's a lucrative business - #TestPrep
  180. A3)need to talk more about analogies encourage innovative thinking & inquiry. Wondering how to combine PBL with prep? #miched @GingerLewman
  181. @BobKefgen and that's testing ALL 11th graders, where nationwide it's often only taken by students who plan to attend college #miched
  182. A:3 Ss took Explore and Plan tests in preparation for ACT #miched
  183. @kerri_chip No worries there- they will take SAT just not sure current 9th/10th will do as well on SAT w/o time to transition. #miched
  184. A3: School wide test prep days, in class test prep, ACT prep class. I think only the test name will change how we prep #miched
  185. Seriously, it goes to show you how silly it is to choose curriculum for the purpose of chasing higher scores on a specific test. #miched
  186. #miched A3: Teach elementary, but same idea... focus on quality instruction and the test results will take care of themselves
  187. Feeling kind of left out of #miched chat as an elementary/MS educator. On the other hand, glad I don't have to worry about SAT prep. Yet.
  188. A3vACT Prep classes, academic enrichment/test taking electives at high school. 6-11th writing tracker fluency every class #miched
  189. @MrCarlsonSHS BAM! as @massp would say. A MI success story. And what happens now? #miched
  190. When did Michigan adopt the ACT? Who decided that one or two private companies made the best test to assess students? #miched
  191. @AnnSmart17 UGH should we really do test prep? WHY not create a test Ss can take to show thinking (allow google) #miched
  192. A3: Anyone have a good resource for PSAT practice test? #miched
  193. A3: My MS had 8th graders taking the Explore. No longer. 30 min timed tests. Student stress was ridiculous. #miched
  194. A3: Every grade level of ELA, Science & Math, incorporates ACT prep in some form. In ELA, ACT is such a huge player. R, W, E. #miched
  195. @billvanlooteach I think that successful students are those that start as successful readers - that starts early! #miched
  196. @EmmyRyd2016 ACT adopted about 1998 I think: the legislators made the decision #miched
  197. @SrJacksonOHS The prep materials aren't out there yet due to the redesign of SAT...so that slows that roll. #miched
  198. @EmmyRyd2016 ACT adopted in 2008. The idea was a college entrace exam for every S. It's been a huge eqaulizer in college access. #miched
  199. @blocht574 Oh I completely agree! But this is what we are help accountable for so… I like the PT on the M-Step for this reason #miched
  200. A3: Tons of PD. Huge S/P buy-in. A great dig into and disaggregation of meaningful data. Great conversations. #StartingOverNow #miched
  201. Any HSs planning on doing the activity lesson for M-Step or opting out? #miched
  202. @RMWynkoop Combo in my opinion. 💚integrating Subjects. But Science standards are unique, too. Read📈📉 graphs, understand concepts #MichEd
  203. @AnnSmart17 Not yet...SAT is redesigned so hold off on jumping too fast. Need to wait for good materials. #miched
  204. @AnnSmart17 Nothing yet. New PSAT not coming out until Oct 2015. SAT putting out free prep material on Khan Academy in May. #miched
  205. @EmmyRyd2016 2008...It was somewhat an equity issue- give all kids a free college entrance exam. #miched
  206. .@Porbus Want to chime in on SAT/ACT with #miched crew? More your level than mine.
  207. @lmcdonell14 @GingerLewman Agree, but assessing this is too difficult for standardized testing system of today! #miched #PBL
  208. @PhysicsGuyTighe MASSP has a few articles on this on our website. Now that MDE has said it is truly optional more are opting out. #miched
  209. @blocht574 @EmmyRyd2016 Some progs/schools paid for it, but yes. Until '08, Ss had to pay on their own or find their own path. #miched
  210. @ekdahljames good point, and those students will do fairly well on any given test. How do we bridge the other "unclosable" gaps? #miched
  211. @BobKefgen @blocht574 @EmmyRyd2016 So maybe the state is just looking for a cheaper way to evaluate teachers? Hmmm. #miched
  212. A3: ACT Prep Classes, ACT Activities within class, Analyzing ACT Practice Qs/Scores, Looking for patterns of problems/improvements. #miched
  213. Q4: How can we prepare 10th graders for this change? What advice to you have for them? #miched
  214. @RMWynkoop That's a HUGE part of #Science on ACT. I taught ACT Prep. However 4 #Science majors▶️Basics in #Science is necessary. #MichEd
  215. Paying for ACT out of own pocket back in the day made me take it seriously. I couldn't afford to take it over. #1stgencollege #miched
  216. A4: Advice: DON"T worry you are prepared: DO your best!! #miched
  217. @Denniston_Steve will we simply mimic what we have done for ACT geared toward SAT? #miched
  218. @RebSYoung Valid point!! Have we made college access to easy? (Drop out rates and students taking remedials) #miched
  219. A4: Read on your own. Write outside of school. Have thoughtful conversations with people about current events. You'll do fine. #miched
  220. A4- one test doesn't define you, do your best as always! #miched
  221. #miched My daughter is 10th- rearranged her schedule a bit for next year, picking up a summer class per her request, keep updated on changes
  222. #miched A4: I would let them know that they are more than a test score. Any test score.
  223. A4:sign up to take the ACT on a Saturday-You are well prepared.buy a SAT review book to better yourself and your school #miched
  224. A4: My daughter is a 10th grader. We tell her to learn as much as possible as deeply as she can. She’s not a test score or a grade. #miched
  225. A4: you can be successful without taking the college path. Many other avenues to get there. Just need to work hard! #miched
  226. A4 To relax! We feel ACT raised the bar and the work done will still pay off on SAT. May offer ACT to onsite next yr, also. #miched
  227. A4: It's like starting from ground-zero. We know the ACT inside & out; we'll have to do the same with SAT to master it. Carrot #2 #miched
  228. @msashburn @talkEDtv @BobKefgen @EmmyRyd2016 SO true for all: It the hoops stayed still long enough we might just get through them #miched
  229. #miched A4: if possible, we also plan to have her skip taking the SAT unless it is mandated for graduation- have not checked that yet
  230. A4: Build self-efficacy in students so that test anxiety & apprehension don't cloud their minds. Positive attitudes go a LONG way.#miched
  231. @RMWynkoop Just bummed that we're spending all our #miched time talking tests tonight. (2/2)
  232. Q4:I'd need to see the difference between each test.Then worry about prepping 10th graders.Need to know what to change first. #miched
  233. @MrCarlsonSHS imprtnt pt. We will get thru this transition and make students stronger as a result #miched #itswhatwedo
  234. A4: These tests are predictable & easy to increase scores with strategies, schools will reform test-taking practice to measure up #miched
  235. A4: Prep? My suggestion? Attend school, dialogue, solve problems, think. #miched
  236. A4: Communicate relevance, backfill what is needed now that wasn't before. Additional writing instruction. #miched
  237. @PattyPaxton2 Likely its a grad requirement to test..you can elect not to have the SAT score reported to colleges. #miched
  238. @GraceMCarpenter how sad is this that we have to master tests rather than skills and content! #miched
  239. @PhysicsGuyTighe Could be...need to see how closely redesigned SAT matches up to the CCSS. #miched
  240. @GraceMCarpenter It's not quite ground 0. New SAT looks a lot like old ACT from what we know. Ss will have a decent base. #miched
  241. A4) embrace a challenge. Compliment their growth and effort during the year. They will be more likely to want a challenge! #miched
  242. @GraceMCarpenter @ujennifer81 It's just part of life➡️incorporate it into the curriculum w/similar tests in different subjects #MichEd
  243. A4: stay calm and take a deep breath. Always do your best! #miched
  244. A4: Content literacy should be focus. Social studies and science text analysis. Focus on details from text and vocab in context #miched
  245. Fam member is applying to colleges right now, I’d advise rounding out the application- volunteer and such. You’re more than a score. #miched
  246. @kithard Hope #miched and other ed chats help redefine it for the better tho. So many great Ts sharing ideas. Tipping point approaches?
  247. A4: Great, now we have another test to be evaluated on that is misaligned to our state standards. #miched #SAT #ACT
  248. @ujennifer81 Make sure to check out our SAT/ACT side-by-side for a place to start.  http://qub.me/w0Y3OP  #miched
  249. Q5: What is/was your school doing with ACT data (including Explore/Plan) How will this affect longitudinal data? #miched
  250. @BobKefgen good to hear. I know ACT very well, but not as much with SAT, since the ACT has been in place for HS AYP #miched
  251. @BobKefgen I teach AP Physics... I KNOW what's on that exam. I know my target. I get my students there! #miched
  252. @athorp What about professional organization membership? Is Grade 12 too early for that? #miched
  253. A5: We examine data to look for weaknesses in content areas: Change means we will have to wait awhile to look at trends #miched
  254. @TrevorMuir absolutely! How about helping these kids to master life in some regard! #miched #SAT #ACT
  255. @massp our school was doing what most schools do with this data. Comparing w/ other schools and feeling fear and pressure. #miched
  256. @PhysicsGuyTighe For what it's worth, PSAT is partially predictive of AP readiness. Just found that one out this week. #miched
  257. A5- comparing students, item analysis on pretest to drive instruction. Most importantly, climbing out of state mandated hole! #miched
  258. @blocht574 BAM! The trend data has been so valuable...that is the biggest loss in my opinion. #miched
  259. A5: unfortunately, l fear we may have a lost year w mstep and trans to SAT, no comparisons, no correlations #miched
  260. RT“@BobKefgen: @ujennifer81 Make sure to check out our SAT/ACT side-by-side for a place to start.  http://qub.me/w0Y3OP  #miched
  261. A5: Were using Explore to set baseline and ID Ss needing interventions in MS. Not sure where change leaves that. #miched
  262. A5: I get to look at fun NEW data in Pearson Inform! Hooray! (and wait for years to have some comp data) #miched
  263. Q5: emphasizing reading in all content areas. Focus on graphs for science and math. Don't know if that will change w sat. #miched
  264. A5: Item analysis is important way to examine curriculum weaknesses and see trends over time: GONE now (for awhile) #miched
  265. @TrevorMuir Really? No break down of strengths/weakness? No using it to evaluate curriculum/instruction? That's unfortunate. #miched
  266. @GraceMCarpenter @TrevorMuir Any thought to Skills4Success or 21st Cent Skills focus, rather than solely content based assessments. #miched
  267. @MrCarlsonSHS @massp #miched good answer, Steve. @MACAC1970 recommends each junior take SAT and ACT in junior year.
  268. @mingchri It does feel that way...won't know until the data comes back if there is anything useable there. #miched
  269. Confession: more than once this year I have led lessons I, nor any of my Ss were inspired by for the sake of ACT prep. #miched
  270. @richbacolor Hopefully the State can help migrate data or convert btw scoring systems. Long shot, but still... #miched
  271. Is it just me or did state forget to finish the last big project (evals) before moving onto this massive change? #miched
  272. A5: Some implications of data will remain the same: determining subject areas that need reform, integration of literacy standards #miched
  273. #miched A5: I think T eval in our district uses ACT data so that will be impacted.
  274. A5: trend data to address ongoing areas of concern, then adjusting instr. to meet those needs. #miched
  275. A5: We have yrs of data and it's all valid. Be short-sighted to not use it for some SIP going forward. #miched
  276. Q5: We used Explore/Plan for assessment. Now we are transitioning to Discover testing for progress. #miched
  277. Q5: Analyze areas of needed improvements for Ss & Ts. Making plans & designing practice techniques to assist in Ss success. #miched
  278. Two #michED universities participating in the @NMCorg video competition focused on emerging tech  http://ow.ly/Ii7XJ  Support w/ a vote!
  279. @michael_conover #miched not at all! Many are in orgs related to career ed such as Jr Achievement & such. Great idea!
  280. @richbacolor I know...that has been a huge positive. Hopefully PSAT 8/9 will give us same type of info. #miched
  281. If I was a #MichEd T, I'd worry about making sure #Science was up to-if not beyond-standards! The whole #TeachToTheTest mentality😱⁉️#MichEd
  282. @massp Huge loss: How can we see if curriculum is being taught with fidelity and adjust when weaknesses are seen if hoop is moving #michED
  283. @massp in the words of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, "The waiting is the hardest part" #miched
  284. A5: former district used as data for eval. Going to be a concern. New district has not been using as data for evals. #MichED
  285. @massp a lot of it was based on this fear of retribution if Ss didn't improve #miched
  286. A5 @blocht574 @massp : You can still use item analysis to compare answers across test takers. #miched
  287. @BobKefgen glad I'm not alone, though we do seem to be on an island #miched
  288. LAST Q6: What info/prep/support materials will schools need for the SAT? #miched
  289. @TrevorMuir @massp In former district we analyzed overall data as dept/indivdual as teacher. Informed instruction interventions #miched
  290. @benhondorp @TrevorMuir we need to teach students how to become good decision-makers: how we treat one another, respect ourselves. #miched
  291. @RMWynkoop Unfortunately, this is looking to be a trend! How can ts in your district advocate for curricular evaluation & change? #miched
  292. @BobKefgen @PhysicsGuyTighe There is a hope that alignment with AP will help students on both AP/SAT. #MichED
  293. A6: full side by side comparisons, practice tests, keys to decipher data and correlations, input from college admissions #miched
  294. @NawawiDiaries @massp Won't establish trend over time in a district of teaching (not what we say we teach) #michED
  295. Now more than ever, formative assessments, and local common assessments are key to measure and impact growth. #miched
  296. @mingchri Comparisons of what would be most helpful? ACT/SAT? Old SAT/new SAT? #miched
  297. @massp Start with applicable t prep, PD, etc. Communicate differences to ts & provide APPLICABLE, realistic classroom modifications. #miched
  298. A6: Anything available in the near future that we can get our hands on!! ACT Prep materials will also still have relevance. #miched
  299. A5 #miched Don't forget to use Khan Academy free resources for SAT prep-- and give counselors time to make test prep changes.
  300. @BobKefgen really both act/sat and old to new. I've looked at comparison chart, but don't feel I have a good grasp #miched
  301. @michael_conover The concern is that all of this is needed but will take time to develop...time that we won't have to prep kids. #miched
  302. A6: Access to support materials from SAT that aren't released yet! Hard to say w/o more test info. #MichED
  303. A6: um, we need to see the test content. Also need to see the SAT sequence of tests and how they align vertically #miched
  304. @mingchri Fair enough. Sounds like @massp and I have work to do. Hoepfully @CollegeBoard can help. #miched
  305. Teach the next generation to Think, research, communicate and Problem Solve. #miched Assessment doesn't matter.
  306. Great to be with ya'll tonight #miched. Let's stay connected- #masspchat on Mondays 8-9pm you are always welcome.
  307. A6: How to create ?s like ACT/SAT. One of best things I ever learned was working on item writing for Oakland Schools. #miched
  308. A6: Oh I'm sure there will plenty of companies to offer support. It's all about the Benjamins baby! $$$$ #miched Snyder's BFFs?
  309. Thank you @massp & @Bob for helping us understand SAT transition. Don't forget to follow those in your conversations #MichED
  310. @BobKefgen @massp @CollegeBoard MCHS has worked hard to improve ACT scores and brought to top of St. Clair county. a bit discouraged #miched
  311. A6- big fan of just cowboyin' up and taking a test myself for practice. Of course, need to get the "new model" #miched
  312. @blocht574 @massp #miched Take results of SAT to see which students did well compared to others. Frequency distributions can help here.
  313. As the 9:00 mark passes on the clock one last reminder about the new #miched Shirts: INFO found here:  http://ln.is/www.booster.com/ik7qi 
  314. Thank you! Even tho I had little to offer tonight, this was very valuable. #miched hHave a great week!
  315. Next week is #MichED tweet up time! Let me know if you want to plan a location. Talking #iloveteach with @MR_ABUD
  316. Thank you to @massp for doing an awesome job with a tough topic! Thanks for all you do!! #miched
  317. @CollegeisYours @blocht574 Not quite as diagnostic as we had with the Explore, Plan, ACT continuum. #miched
  318. THAT’S the #miched I love! RT @bigkxcountry: Teach the next gen to think, research, communicate, problem solve. Assessment doesn't matter.
  319. A6: Wait, does Snyder's mother's brother's uncle own SAT? #miched
  320. @massp Thanks for the thinking and learning! Best weekly PD/PLC #MichEd
  321. Gr8 feedback, connections, conversations and food for thought! Definitely will be tuning in again in the future. #miched #nolongerarookie
  322. @lanecindy1234 @RebSYoung Because we've lost an assessment that we were able to use meaningful trend data. #miched
  323. @PhysicsGuyTighe Using a new service they deliver so you can wear @MACUL and don't have to worry about finding me #miched
  324. Thanks for chatting everyone! I enjoyed my 1st #miched experience!
  325. @massp I had missed that piece - sorry! Could pair with #highered to created valuable prep materials. #miched
  326. Thans @massp for moderating. Sorry for my sarcasm this evening! My day started with this discussion so a bit cynical! #miched
  327. Final thoughts: assessment data must be valid and meaningful. Teach more, prep less. #miched Peace all!
  328. @massp scary! Those are my sons, daughters, and students who will be impacted by this change. #miched
  329. Looking forward to catching archive! #miched PS Purdue won! js
  330. #miched...don't forget to follow new folks to build your PLN- great connections to be made!
  331. Thanks again #miched for the fastest hr of my week. Once again humbled by the caring and dedicated educators making it happen across MI