#michED 1-14-15 Video Story Telling

Great chat about how and why to use Video in the classroom moderated by Ben Rimes

  1. Hey everyone! Welcome to the #michED chat! Please introduce yourself! I'm Ben, and I'll be hosting the chat this evening from St. Joseph!
  2. Good evening #miched. Tara checking in from Zeeland, MI. Excited to see all the video ideas, examples, etc. Come chime in! @benhondorp
  3. #miched Heather Gauck K-3 Resource Grand Rapids Public Schools
  4. I'm Matt from Grand Rapids. 5th grade. Looking forward to a great #miched chat tonight
  5. Meredith Nickerson, Instructional Technology Coach, Dexter Community Schools #miched
  6. Hi #miched I'm Kit, from Sarnia, ON - Ed Tech Specialist for Marysville schools.
  7. Hey everybody! Chip, 6-12 band director just outside of Jackson. #miched
  8. Hi Everyone! Jon here, elementary principal from Livonia:) #michED
  9. Hey Ho! Rob from E. Lansing- 6th grade- who can stay only so long. (Important date!) Glad to chat. #miched
  10. Joe, also from St. Joe, working at Berrien RESA #BRESA #michED
  11. Ann Smart from Adrian. 5-12 Instructional Coach who has class AGAIN at 8:30 tonight:9 I will soak up what I can. #miched
  12. @techsavvyed hey Ben! Stay warm. Saw video of the St. Joe light yesterday. Crazy! #miched
  13. @rsvoigt #miched Hi Rob, nice to see you on Twitter after meeting you in person last Sat
  14. Erin Mastin 1st grade teacher from Boyne City. Love what Ben @techsavvyed does with his video story problems. #miched
  15. Laura McDonell, St. Clair Middle. Technology/ English teacher #michED
  16. Hi, I’m Bill, I teach fifth grade in Howell, and I’m having a great start this New Year. #MichED
  17. Hello #miched Amy from St. Joseph Public Schools-Media and Tech Integration. Been awhile since I've been here. Excited to learn and share.
  18. Hi #miched Connie Hamilton here, Classroom Questioning consultant, #TMchat moderator, and principal in chilly Saranac http://t.co/1T0O9rXBhT
    Hi #miched Connie Hamilton here, Classroom Questioning consultant, #TMchat moderator, and principal in chilly Saranac pic.twitter.com/1T0O9rXBhT
  19. Jeff Dahl Elementary Tech Teacher and Strong advocate to outlaw snow in the mitten #miched
  20. Hi #michED Anna from Australia here. In the middle of back to school meetings, so will be lurking a bit.
  21. Erin - 8th grade SS from Boyne City - both kids are almost in bed ;) #miched
  22. Andrew. 1st grade teacher in Grand Rapids and workshop enthusiast! #miched
  23. Lindsey. History teacher at East Kentwood High School Hello #MichEd : )
  24. @bill_m_4 Hey Bill! So glad you made it tonight. I was hoping you would, this seemed right up your alley. :-) #miched
  25. @mernickerson Welcome to #miched Glad you could join our video conversation tonight!
  26. Hi #miched! Derek here, it's been a while, I've missed you.
  27. David Theune here from Spring Lake. HS ELA. Very excited to learn tonight. #miched Have done digital personal narratives the last 3 yrs.
  28. ⭐ Hi #MichED - Ron from Grand Rapids. I'm a MACUL and REMC board member and a 'technology therapist' from Kent ISD. Happy Wednesday! ⭐
  29. @AnnSmart17 I do trainings with teachers and at ISDs on effective questioning to increase engagement and cognition. #miched
  30. @jon_wennstrom Welcome to #miched. Glad you could join us for a great video chat!
  31. @rsvoigt Glad you can stop by, even if it is for a short time. #miched
  32. Hi #miched! I'm an Information Literacy Specialist in Rochester Hills
  33. Hey all! Ashlie from NE Michigan Been a bit hope holidays were joyous and you had some fun! Ready to talk video projects #miched
  34. @JR_evans OH--. Glad to see you on #miched I'm a lonely Buckeye fan here in the mitten.
  35. @techsavvyed I've been known to do that as well... technology fears my approach and magically works upon my arrival #miched
  36. @ErinMastin Yes, I really enjoy working with video. I once worked on a Mr. Stick Video on writing traits with my Ss. Crayon based #MichED
  37. Bev Warnock math special ed teacher Marine City middle and high schools #michED #mcmariners
  38. Lots of new people this evening, awesome! Let's have some fun! #michED
  39. Hello #miched Steve Denniston from Ravenna joining in. It's been too long since my last visit.
  40. Doug for Hudsonville love video story problems excited to hear and share. #miched
  41. Q1: Video can be fun! But that's not always enough. What rationale do you use for video projects? #michED  https://vine.co/v/OD2jx2mmQ6a 
  42. @lmcdonell14 Glad you could join #miched tonight! Welcome to what will be a great conversation!
  43. @bgillett Glad you could join #miched tonight! Welcome to what will be a great conversation!
  44. Dave from Byron Center. Science and Math Teacher. MACUL Board Member. Lurking on #miched tonight.
  45. @ronhoutman Ha ha... You have a BIG job w so many Ts needing... ther- no, I mean technology! (-; #miched
  46. Hoping to learn a lot from #MichEd Team tonight as my experience with videos in the classroom is limited! #GrowthMindset
  47. #miched A1 Most of mine are class projects since I do K-3 resource but I feel that video projects involve higher order thinking skills
  48. A1: Super bonus points for @techsavvyed's use of Vine for #miched chat questions. Very creative
  49. A1: I use video projects for assessment. Works especially well for my theater arts class. #miched
  50. A1 ss who can't/won't express all of their learning in written form due to a variety of reasons. Video allows them to do so #miched
  51. A1: Video creation is, to me, just another means of exploring literacy #miched
  52. A1: Ss make PSA during our Drug unit in Forensic Science, in Gen Chem we are making Chemical Rxn demos. Showing what they know. #MichEd
  53. @dothinkeducate So excited to having you checking into #miched Love visitors from all over!
  54. A1: Different way of communication through expression. Especially in Soc Studies sometimes you need to feel the emotion during hst. #miched
  55. A1 - video projects often means higher level thinking, I'm a fan of students controlling a process video can allow this #miched
  56. A1: 5 yrs ago, did a 2-wk internship w/ local business. They couldn't believe how little we were doing w/ digital media. #realworld #miched
  57. A1: In my own role, screencasts have proven invaluable to T's and parents #miched
  58. A1: Video creation let Ss be an integral part of their own leaning. #miched
  59. A1: Use video for lessons when I need to be out of the classroom. #miched
  60. In case you haven't registered, you will want to attend NovaNow  http://novanowgr.org  #miched
  61. A1: Working w/ Ss this week who need extension activities for math standard. Video pushes them to deeper understanding and it's fun #miched
  62. @chip122772 Tell us more, Chip. What is the assignment? #michED I, too, teach theatre and use video some, but am ready for more.
  63. A1: I've used them for student-created PSA's, book trailers, skits, even student-led lessons-All are centered on a learning goal #miched
  64. A1: Video is part of Ss culture and daily lives-makes learning relevant and fun. #miched
  65. A1: I use videos for a number of reasons, but the main reason is to give another method of sharing Ss work. It's another voice. #michED
  66. A1: One that I use is digital video as a reflection tool to support students’ reflection on their own learning. #miched
  67. A1: For my first graders we have used videos to record each other's thinking and share new learning about a fav. book or activity #miched
  68. A1: Just like anything else, give Ss ownership and the ability to be creative. #miched
  69. A1: Video projects offer built in College & Career Readiness Skills practice; group work, clear communication, focus on audience #michED
  70. A1 another medium for students to create and explore and present material #michED
  71. Hi! I am Angela Breneman from Albion. I teach 3rd-5th grade special ed. #miched
  72. A1)video proj. for part of final tech projects demonstrate how to do a task. Upload something- change settings I show example videos #michED
  73. A1: Video is like a culminating activity. A way to compose the essence of the thought... & pack it with f-t-f hook. #miched
  74. A1: it also gives those less capable writers a chance to showcase their knowledge and understanding. Visual is powerful. #michED
  75. A1: I love screen casting for staff members. Sometimes it is just easier than an email:) #miched
  76. @ErinMastin It is amazing how shy HS Ss get when they have to do a edu vid rather than a snapchat one. #miched
  77. A1: Most often used by our elementary students to demonstrate understanding of concept. #miched
  78. @JR_evans Thanks for heading north to #miched Always love outside guests! :)
  79. Coming in from Holland, MI Anne Thorp #miched Hope you are all warm and cozy!
  80. A1: Video can be a better way to reach an authentic audience #miched
  81. @ErinMastin Completely agree! Let's them share without the stress of spelling or writing correctly! #MichEd
  82. A1: I used a video option to differentiate. Ss took notice of an awkward kid with a great project #miched
  83. @jrommel You bet! I have had Ss create digital personal narratives instead of a 10th paper one. #miched It's challenging--AND wonderful.
  84. A1: Have my Ss evaluate OTHER Ss projects they find online. Love to find errors/problems. #miched
  85. A1: Using video to coach Ts is a helpful way to differentiate learning for adults. #miched
  86. So "local control" destroyed Career & Tech in #MichEd? Not MM curric? Starvation funding? Endless "college for all?"  http://bridgemi.com/2015/01/destroying-michigans-career-tech-system-to-save-it/ 
  87. A1: pt.2 On the other hand, sometimes it also is the opposite, a short how-to or focus video. Ex- “What is ten times more?” #MichED
  88. A1 #miched As an opportunity for another means of representation of learning. Creativity can take over, too.
  89. A1: Video uses so many skills: Story telling, creating images: Excellent tool to see where students are in learning #miched
  90. Does anyone have any student video projects archived they would be willing to share? I'd love to borrow some projects. #miched
  91. @bushjms Esp. if it is published to the web and can be viewed outside of the school #miched
  92. @dprindle They can put their entire life on social media but freeze when it comes to videos. Go figure!? #miched
  93. Gamify your class discussions with fantasy football mechanics in 2015.  http://goo.gl/s39LRi  #miched
  94. A1: Encompasses all forms of literacy. Most importantly, design. Which is often overlooked. Very important skill. Synthesis. #MichEd
  95. @Denniston_Steve Hey there! Haven't seen you in a bit! Hope all is well. Welcome back to #miched
  96. A1: Videos are great tools to showcase work: Create a portfolio piece #miched
  97. @DavidTheune we also have a videographer for monologues, improv, etc. Then we edit, put it on @EDpuzzle and the students critique #miched
  98. A1 con't:: To help Ss understand what kind of thinking skills involved in creating vid. & guiding them in enquiry or reflection. #miched
  99. A1: Videos give Ss a chance she show what they learned through movement, demonstration, or acting it out. #miched
  100. @dragan39 This is right up alley - share all your knowledge with #miched
  101. @tmaynard5 I forgot last week but I wanted to get back in the game! #miched
  102. Checking in. I teach 2nd grade. I have only done a little video. Interested in getting some ideas. #michED
  103. Hearing a lot about video being authentic to today's students, but they can be hard for some teachers. Next question touches on this #michED
  104. @lindseycboyle builds in cross curricular skills! What do you mean I have to write in science?! #miched
  105. A1: Videos take the nerves out of presenting in front of class: Students can talk to camera alone but not in front of 30 + #miched
  106. Q2: What's the single biggest obstacle you've experienced in doing video projects with students? #michED  https://vine.co/v/OD2tJ55BqHt 
  107. @dprindle Glad you could stop by #miched How was #miflip15 ? Looked amazing from the twitter side!
  108. Hey everybody! Trevor from GR here. Just stopping in for as long as I can. Excited about this topic! #miched
  109. @smithand1015 I really like using video for explaining math. They are better at verbal explanations in 1st.  http://bit.ly/17Ja4pr  #miched
  110. We really want to help students in their thinking about how to communicate with other people - video production helps that process #miched
  111. A1: thinking about how to doc learning process with ss vd projects. Ss Reflection is key #miched
  112. @heathergauck I would love to see some elementary examples of student video creation projects! #miched
  113. A2: Time: Students need lots of time with tool to get it h just right. I have to be firm with deadlines or it can take forever #miched
  114. A2 Ss get hung up trying to get it just right when sometimes it is more important to publish as is #miched
  115. Student created math tutorials are awesome and I parents love to see them! #MichEd
  116. A2: The obvious one obstacle is equipment and compatibility with school set ups. #miched
  117. A2: Running out of time, or before 1:1 having a device for all. #miched
  118. A2: Scheduling and time. Each (Chem) group had to be monitored for safety while others had to be kept on other tasks. #miched
  119. My Ss filmed interviews with WW2 vets, preserving these heroes stories FOREVER. And you an imagine how much my kids learned #miched
  120. A2: Transformation of learned knowledge into creative display a definite challenge on deeper knowledge level. Ss grow w/challenge #miched
  121. A1: For me, the Tch, video is a part of my #flipclass structure. For Ss video is creation, communication, teamwork. #miched
  122. A2: devices and software. We aren't 1:1, or even technically BYOD. Getting kids access to devices is the biggest obstacle #miched
  123. @blocht574 Exactly. Students think a few minute video should only take a few minutes to make... NOT! #miched
  124. A1 Are video chats shared with parents to demonstrate growth, formative assessment? #miched
  125. A2 Ss don't get authentic audiences. They don't believe their products are meant for real exposure #miched
  126. A2: Overcoming the perceived need for perfection. Afraid it won't be good enough or match what someone else is doing. #miched
  127. A2: When I first tried video: Students just got caught up being silly not focused on target: NEED to focus students to hit target #miched
  128. @ErinMastin That's awesome! Do you have them use this for partner or reflection time then? #miched
  129. A2: Collecting and showcasing videos from multiple devices from BYOT #miched
  130. Q2: without a doubt find a free and easy to use editing software. Haven't really found a solution to this problem yet #miched
  131. @jrommel These are always meaningful because we push them out. This yr? Growing up w/ ALS mother, religious independence. #miched #power
  132. @PhysicsGuyTighe @blocht574 - Ss will practice OVER AND OVER as they try to make it perfect. Great learning experience. #miched
  133. A2: Getting Ss to focus on quality prep work (eg storyboarding) before diving right in to recording without a purpose! #miched
  134. A2: Easy to get lots of footage, esp if 'free styling" for data gathering. Difficult to find time for review, edit, final cut. #miched
  135. Student created video are a wonderful resource in that the parents can see what their students are doing in the class. #miched
  136. @PhysicsGuyTighe YEP or they want to re-shoot a million times because they don't like a part #miched Raw is fine for me
  137. @tmaynard5 Great. Weather hampered attendance but everyone loved the space and used it well. Big thanks to @SteelcaseEDU #miched
  138. A2: Back in the day it was file size/storage... Now it's what do I use. #miched
  139. A2 - initially one of my biggest obstacles was student final project expectations leading to unrealistic timelines #miched
  140. @DavidTheune I'm gearing up for my 2nd year doing digital narratives. The challenges for Ss and T makes the process so wonderful. #miched
  141. Before I go wanted to share our tech clubs first attempt at green screen vids. Ss has lots of fun creating  http://youtu.be/vrim45zZVvo  #miched
  142. @conniehamilton I think the equipment obstacle is more an obstacle for adults #michED
  143. A2: Just the logistics. Getting the sound, lighting, etc right and being able to share it easily w/ Tch and other Ss. #miched
  144. @smithand1015 Most of the times they do the problem with a partner and then explain on their own or they do it all on their own. #miched
  145. @ryanhorne0076 Ss just busted no 11 men can’t carry out 150 million dollars. Sorry George, Matt, Brad. Oceans 11 #miched
  146. A2: Many challenges - Time consuming, poor audio, off topic, too long, too short, poor scripting. Still I love to do video #miched
  147. A2: most recently it was w difficulty actually sharing the finished videos from various devices w a network that wasn't cooperating #miched
  148. A2: The biggest problem I have found is Ss being off task because of the tech opportunities. Easily rectified. Video ops are great. #michED
  149. A1: using videos in Biology to create teaching videos by Ss for Ss ink order to review concepts for their test. #miched
  150. @jrommel timelines are tough in the creative process. Have to put the emphasis on learning and product, not due date, tough to do #miched
  151. @techsavvyed developing auth projects that can be put before professionals in whatever field we're studying is my current pursuit #miched
  152. @ErinMastin @smithand1015 #Miched I LOVE using video for my young Ss to explain their thinking in math too!
  153. @kithard AH yes the poor audio: I had students make a great video but we could not hear them: Buy some good mics or do voice over #miched
  154. A2: TIME! I feel as though I haven't had enough time/ training to implement with authenticity and purpose #miched
  155. A2 we have to approach it like any other manipulative. First explore/play then it can become a tool #miched
  156. @blocht574 I love to have Ss use it to explain answers or share out what they learned. #miched
  157. @PhysicsGuyTighe @blocht574 I encourage storyboarding and scripting for most video projects. And always shooting multiple takes #miched
  158. @techsavvyed @blocht574 yup, mine have been too caught up in creating bloopers for end instead of meaningful content #miched
  159. @techsavvyed When using a new tech tool the first time: Love a day of play to learn tool!! #miched help get the silly out
  160. A2: The biggest challenges I see is the lack of powerful enough machines to do editing on... oh and rendring time : #miched
  161. A2 side note. Many of my Ss record their experiments or whatever we are doing with their own phones for their friends to see. #miched
  162. A2: Making sure the video project is essential to standards #miched
  163. @kithard I was trying to formulate something along those lines. “Try talking a little louder…” was my mantra with macbook video #MichED
  164. Not sure where #MichEd questions are now, but I made a test time lapse with art teacher, going to try students next.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz-5O76JLo8 
  165. A2: We spent a lot of time of effective videoing methods and time management skills. #michED
  166. @techsavvyed @bushjms Was thinking more about lower elem. But agreed, most upper el, MS and older do. #miched
  167. @heathergauck @smithand1015 It can lead to uncovering some very unique ways to think/solve a problem. We are trying to share more #miched
  168. A2: some of my Ss have lack of experience with tech, having to share a room which causes us to have a lot of background noise. #miched
  169. Anyone have a good way to organize videos to store them in one place? #miched
  170. @heathergauck on iMovie I could turn up their vocal afterward, but only so much. #MichED
  171. Register now for Nova Now in MI for Feb 6-7 to see super presenters like @rushtonh and @edrethink - -->  http://ow.ly/F70dq  - #miched
  172. @Denniston_Steve @heathergauck @smithand1015 I’ve heard of that app but haven’t gotten to it yet. We use Explain Everything. #miched
  173. @ronhoutman the onslaught of chromebooks may push the editing apps development #miched
  174. A2: acess to Tech, and where to host Vids for easy access. #miched
  175. @ELucky9 @blocht574 I have students use iPhone earbuds w/ mic for iOS devices. Use to use a radio shack wireless setup with cameras #miched
  176. @bushjms Agreed-sometimes content can get lost in the tech. Delicate balance for Ss and Ts to achieve. #miched
  177. @JR_evans Google drive? Perhaps a private YouTube channel (use one for my band kids) #miched
  178. We constantly emphasize that videos are just another medium for storytelling. And the best stories are simple and have emotion #miched
  179. @JR_evans I have used youtube channel/playlist, in a google drive folder, in a LMS folder specific to that subject #MichED .
  180. A2: #miched Teachers are reluctant to allow students free reign to explore, experiment, apply b/c they don't know how themselves.
  181. Hello #miched! Cory Timmer from Zeeland checking in late - had to lose in Uno before I could join. Great topic!
  182. @JR_evans Now that is a great Question: ANYONE have a method or tool for organizing student created videos? #miched
  183. Any recommendations for decent FREE editing software? #miched
  184. It sounds like there are lots of obstacles. if you see someone share an obstacle you've overcome, send them a tweet. #michED
  185. @heathergauck I really liked the ability to zoom in on certain scenes that Camtasia has #MichED
  186. Ok last 1. Students make video and audio evidence to support their side in mock court case! #miched  http://youtu.be/p7iPH4niSvo 
  187. @blocht574 @JR_evans I use Google. Drive. Unlimited storage and the opportunity to easily lock down permissions. #miched
  188. @JR_evans @jrommel I struggle to develop timelines that are not too restrictive but also don't drag the process out. Suggestions? #miched
  189. Let's talk about some practical tips to help manage video projects. #michED
  190. A2) making sure it meets the quality I have in mind. I now show examples first. #michED
  191. Q3: What limitations and/or guidelines should students have while working on a video project? #michED  https://vine.co/v/OD2FE563hrQ 
  192. @adirlam yes projects have a way of spinning out of their intended orbit. Important to know why you're doing what you're doing #MichED
  193. GAFE schools have unlimited drive storage. Share a folder with your class, make subfolders for assignments and upload there. #miched
  194. @lmcdonell14 green sheets from Walmart and Green Screen app by Do Ink. Simple. Kid friendly #miched
  195. @DerekBraman I would think parents would love 2 see their child ENGAGED in process of learning a subject, speaking about math, sci. #miched
  196. A2 biggest obstacle I encounter is student privacy and not showing students if it is to be published. #MichEd
  197. I just bought a green screen kit and plan to run a videography course in our after school FabLab. Great topic. #miched
  198. A3: Guidelines related to standards or topic. Limitations no! #miched
  199. A3: The purpose of the vid -does it have to be perfect, is it for sharing content, is it for presentation. Ss need to know this. #miched
  200. Q3: Time limits! Student videos can get long and unfocused without. #miched
  201. @TrevorMuir  http://wevideo.com  has a free editing version that's pretty great-cloud based and kids can share it too #miched
  202. If you attend ONE workshop: Tweens, Teens & Social Media: What PARENTS & EDUCATORS Need to Know!  https://www.smore.com/12k9v  #michEd
  203. A3: We talk a lot about digital citizenship & focusing on the learning aspect of standard. Also be mindful of learning around you #miched
  204. A3: keep it school appropriate and give them time guidelines. Minimum/maximum. Then see what they can do! #miched
  205. A3 Saw a showcase last night of student created videos. Only guidelines were theme & time limit. I was blown away by creativity! #michED
  206. Spent 150 on green screen and lights, teacher down the hall bought $2 app and green butcher paper and they turn out better than mine #miched
  207. It's fun to offer vid as a presentation option in projects. Had success with that. We also vid all Passion Time presentations. #miched
  208. @LizWillobee Sounds like a cool project. Be watching for yr results! #miched
  209. A3: Not sure it is a limitation, but a clearly defined rubric of expectations is an absolute must. #miched
  210. @tmaynard5 @Denniston_Steve Explain Everything lets me record and send to good drive or dropbox from within the app. #miched
  211. @blocht574 @JR_evans We host a student tech fest each spring to showcase projects. Here is last year's link  http://goo.gl/YgbmYc  #miched
  212. #michED a3: Need to have a model to follow: Clear expectations to focus on learning target. Min and Max times
  213. Easy to create green screens. 4 x8 insulation panels taped together and painted with flat green apple Behr paint. #miched
  214. Ravenna MS principal here trying first chat! @Denniston_Steve A3 keep them focused w pre-planning #miched
  215. @LizWillobee #miched LOVE Greenscreens. We just use green construction paper for ours. Have fun!
  216. @Denniston_Steve: A3: Not sure it is a limitation, but a clearly defined rubric of expectations is an absolute must. #miched
  217. A3: keeping it on topic, length of video, editing, and it was a cooperative project with group(if it was a group project). #miched
  218. @techsavvyed A3 record in public areas. Probably a bad move to let them record in the bathroom... #miched
  219. @LizWillobee #miched There is a lego stop motion for younger Ss that works really well and is easy
  220. A3: Find kids do not know how to focus. Need discussion, guidance storyboarding... #miched
  221. A3: Also, pre-planning. Sometimes just graded the script/storyboard, not the final video. #miched
  222. A3: I make sure they have storyboard/script done ahead of time! Also we watch this video:  http://scnforyou.com/ready-set-plan/  #miched
  223. A3 some limitations are a must but w too many it limits creativity. #miched
  224. A3: Must be school appropriate. Time limits are important and can be a fun learning tool. (i.e. WWI in 1 minute / WWII in 2 minutes) #MichEd
  225. @tmaynard5 no, it was a district project K-12, so not from my building. But included lots of elementary..most made at home #miched
  226. @Denniston_Steve @athorp As a T that embraces messy learning. Might reluctant Ts not have time needed to cmplte messy learning? #MichED
  227. @LizWillobee Yeah, I tried without a model and it was all over the place: Gives a template to follow #michED
  228. @mernickerson: Q3: Time limits! Student videos can get long and unfocused without. #miched” A must!
  229. A3 guidelines =solid standards base with relevant & creative/memorable output limits = no people or TEC damage in the process #miched
  230. A3 - If I could give just one piece of advice to students as they do video: 🇸️🇹️🇴️🇷️🇾️🇧️🇴️🇦️🇷️🇩️❗ #miched
  231. A3: modeling, lots of demonstrating a great first step for video boundaries. #miched
  232. Isnt it incredible how much ease Ss work with videos? Very different world than a decade ago We have to take advantage of that as Ts #miched
  233. A3: Perhaps guideline of sharing with one other person before submitting. Get a different perspective. #miched
  234. @LizWillobee #miched Let me know how it goes. I found my lighting in my new room doesnt work as good as last year.
  235. A3: Creative requirements/limits too. (i.e. "The Cold War in 10 SnapChats") #MichEd
  236. @jrommel My kids do a lot of stop motion in Passion Time. Wonder if we can incorp green screen....#miched
  237. Throw a discussion about video in the classroom out to #miched and read and watch the creativity fly. Can't keep up w the feed #miched
  238. @mernickerson: A3: Also, pre-planning. Sometimes just graded the script/storyboard, not the final video. #miched” great idea, room to fail
  239. @bushjms @adirlam Right. There needs 2 be a purpose for each tech being used. "The kids like it," or, "it's cool," isn't good enough #miched
  240. @adirlam @bushjms Sometimes the tech takes over from the content and becomes the STAR of the class/show. Happened even in MY DAY. #miched
  241. SO What video editing apps can students use? Free or pay? #miched
  242. Does anyone else videotape kids working on projects? I do all the time and post them on our site. Parents like the view...#miched
  243. I love the idea of guided peer review. Students care what other students have to say more than what T says. #miched
  244. A3: a clear purpose, time range, and a rough plan. Without a plan, I've had Ss scrap a whole project after days spent filming #miched
  245. @blocht574 always loved imovie. Also stop motion studio! (Both paid though) #miched
  246. @blocht574 WeVideo is a great free tool that is web based for easy accessibility. #miched
  247. It's time to share some inspiration and student videos you love! #michED
  248. @LizWillobee I like the idea, I don't right now but should look into it! #michED
  249. WeVideo also has apps for uploading and editing. Connects to Drive for GAFE schools. #miched
  250. My students use @wevideo pretty much exclusively, but we do have a Mac lab in our school where they use iMovie. #miched
  251. @ryanhorne0076 @bushjms @adirlam and yet kids like it and it's cool is a great way to slip content into the equation! #miched
  252. WORST student video EVER MADE. Makes me laugh every time I watch it! From last year's class, ha ha! #miched  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2shyOvFR9Jc 
  253. @kithard Specifically teaching what makes good video needs to come before teaching video software. Time consuming, but essential #miched
  254. @blocht574 unique question: any tools that can edit ipad video without installing apps? Have access to devices but can't add apps. #miched
  255. A4: Social media=inspirational free easy editing & creation apps in connection with Soc Studies Stories that can be conveyed #miched
  256. Regarding WeVideo-do most use free version or ed subscription? Investigating currently as iMovie alternative. #miched
  257. #Miched linking green screen effects to video story problems. Easy to do with @CamtasiaMac http://t.co/zfGXd5ANhf
    #Miched linking green screen effects to video story problems. Easy to do with @CamtasiaMac pic.twitter.com/zfGXd5ANhf
  258. @jrommel @bushjms @adirlam As long as it's 90% learning & 10% flash, and not the other way around. #miched
  259. @LizWillobee Got miles of projects... but never got around to posting-made DVDs. Looking 2 enter the real world last couple yrs. #miched
  260. A4: My students always were inspired by seeing other student videos such as  http://youtu.be/T7TI-AJi2O8  #miched
  261. @rsvoigt do you have any good cheat sheets or websites on how to use iMovie? #miched
  262. #miched This was made by me with Ss as the actors. Scafolding for my resource kiddos.  http://youtu.be/qX51u2FbDSE 
  263. Any easy video apps good for editing video from an iPhone or iPad? #miched #GLEdTech
  264. @kithard What is that dist-ance? What is that dist-ance? What is that dist-ance from the sun-un-un? LOL #miched
  265. AX: Couple of my kids did 'Room 12 News' (our clsrm) last yr. iMovie. Some good skills, grt msg. #miched  http://vimeo.com/68158736 
  266. @teachlove4SpEd Sadly no, I have been using Youtube capture .... looking at alternatives #miched
  267. Our kids do a news show for the school every morning. No adults at all, they work the camera, write the scripts. All them. #miched
  268. Thank goodness for One Tab in G-Chrome. I now have violated my limit for the amount of tabs open. Thanks #miched
  269. A3) thinking about doing a student created story problem video of the week for all ss #michED
  270. My morning news crew kids recently made a YouTube channel and Twitter. They'd love encouragement! #miched  https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQqohoq6intdY5KrRCL41YA  @VHToday
  271. I wish I had access to the video our first graders doing their rap of "Don't Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus". So cute! #miched
  272. #miched Learning curve is definitely lessening on what it takes to create glimpse videos.
  273. @athorp to allow HS Alg2 Ss opp to go off on a tangent requires lots of prep 2make sure stndrds are met or use an xtra open day. #miched
  274. PicPlayPost Create still photos w videos in same screen to tell a story, showcase SS & TS #miched http://t.co/s2cXJ13mAO
    PicPlayPost Create still photos w videos in same screen to tell a story, showcase SS & TS #miched pic.twitter.com/s2cXJ13mAO
  275. @teachlove4SpEd Sorry. Kinda seat-of-my-pants approach w kids. That's something I should do too! #miched
  276. For those making morning news, how do you broadcast to classrooms? #MichEd
  277. Have to duck out a little early tonight. Thanks @techsavvyed for an informative chat!! Great to see the student videos #michED
  278. Note to self. Go back to tonight's #miched storify archives and watch all the fun video examples shared by amazing PLN.
  279. Talking and sharing video is great, but assessing it can be difficult! #michED
  280. Q5: What strategies or resources can be used for assessing student created video? #michED  https://vine.co/v/OD2xqeZFv7H 
  281. Great PSA vid I can finally show. One Ss was in foster care and is no longer a minor or in the system.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL12pTWprkM  #miched
  282. Sorry, #miched Wonderfully so, I was pulled away from my exchange daughter--but to watch a digital narrative she made when at home. So cool!
  283. @techsavvyed do classrooms access at their own leisure? We have a very dated system and I'm thinking about alternatives #miched
  284. @techsavvyed Even easier now when apps like Instagram and Vine take away the uploading. #miched
  285. @theemrmoore #miched I LOVE Animoto. SOOOO easy to use and makes great little videos
  286. A5: Give two types of feedback: One on learning target and other on production value: Grade is on if they hit learning target #miched
  287. I love using Stop Motion and Explain Everything. The students love using iMovie, especially the trailers to showcase work. #michED
  288. @heathergauck @theemrmoore Animoto is a great entry tool to video crating: So simple to use #miched
  289. @DavidTheune Any pearls of wisdom that you can pass along? Trying to stretch Ss to dig deeper when exploring their stories. #miched
  290. A5: I lived and died by the rubric for these sort of projects. Clear expectations and unambiguous grading. #miched
  291. @blocht574 @theemrmoore #miched and it's free and you can make a movie from your phone in 10minutes
  292. A5: As a technology teacher, I was comfortable grading video technique. I had students peer review each other on emotional impact #michED
  293. @kithard So Right! Make some popcorn cause it's gonna be Fun! #miched
  294. Have you heard of ArchiTreks? It’s a great program for students. Learn more here:  http://ow.ly/Hlg0p  #K12 #Miched #architecture
  295. @LynchMindy For a 1st timer here at #miched you are killing it! Keep sharing.
  296. A5: Students do a great job self assessing their videos: Give them check lists and they totally get it #miched
  297. @koegelde I would just say it all has to start with AUDIENCE & PURPOSE. What do the Ss want to DO with their narrative? Then, do it. #miched
  298. A5: With iPads 1:1, our Ss use iMovie for everything. Capturing science exp., reenacting history. #miched @Creekside_MS
  299. @techsavvyed Conversely, as a math/science teacher,I was not comfortable grading style or technique! #miched
  300. Q5: Wait we have to grade these? I’m exhausted at the end of a project. #miched
  301. 2nd hour volcanoes #miched Utube videos w Capture App on iPad. So cool, the SS loved viewing all the others!  http://youtu.be/HVxIL-ZcVOY 
  302. @mbck @LynchMindy And I have the good fortune of working with her every day at Ravenna. #miched
  303. @techsavvyed #Miched peeps, I challenge you to make a video of something you learned tonight.
  304. @tmaynard5 Just got kiddos in bed, still trying to catch up! Busy chat tonight. #miched
  305. @ErinMastin NO you don't have to grade but watch and give feedback are MUSTS ..You know sit back have popcorn and become Ebert #miched
  306. My apologies, I have to go. Meeting about the start. Have a great week all! Thanks #michED
  307. @Mrs_Gwilt Hey, hi, Gwilt. Good to meet up after our great #MIFlip this past wkend, eh?! #miched
  308. @ErinMastin Exhausting, but so much more interesting than looking at same-oh, same-oh papers handouts. :-) #miched
  309. @heathergauck @blocht574 I'm familiar with animoto. Will go the iMovie route for ease of use on iPhone or iPad. Thank you! #miched #gledtech
  310. @heathergauck for sure! I love starting w/ that and then using goobric! #miched
  311. A5: loving the answers to A5 thanks for the help and ideas #miched
  312. Personally, I assess the content of the video and give checklists for my "production expectations" before I grade. #miched
  313. @tmaynard5 Not to mention I have to watch every one of @techsavvyed Vine clips! Hilarious! #miched
  314. I figure it's the only fair way to grade since my class isn't really a "video productions" class (I teach ELA). #miched
  315. Last question of the night folks, going to make you think hard about this one! #michED
  316. @MrBadiner @techsavvyed I know - I am so far behind too! Definitely need to go back to the archives to watch all vids. amazing! #miched
  317. In 1st grade we have practiced making good videos. We talk about no bugger shots when you are recording yourself. #miched #teachablemoments
  318. A5 Have a component where SS have input on grades: their own and others #miched
  319. This weeks #21stedchat topic: Does classroom design affect learning? Join @Edu_Thompson & I Sun 8 PM ET (US) #miched
  320. #MichEd tonight I learned that @techsavvyed has way too much fun making vines with his kids. I'm going to have to try some now...
  321. #miched Before this ends, how are the tweetups in Feb. being organized?
  322. @blocht574 Ok fine. I’ve been trying have them post videos to blog so I can give feedback. Much better than piles of paper at home. #miched
  323. @ErinMastin Or outtakes that are longer than the actual project? Ha, ha. #miched
  324. A5: rubrics that I give to SS at the beginning of the project to help guide them #miched
  325. Answers to ? 5 are giving me great ideas. I think I am going to push students assessing themselves and each other's videos. #miched
  326. Side note: Our English Department want T's to record 30 sec vids about books they have read and recommend. #miched
  327. Gotta sneak this in. #cuerockstar presented my @MACUL 7/7-7/9. Saugatuck. Registration/Faculty app at  http://cuerockstar.org  #miched party
  328. #miched For Blogging Videos, Jr. Blogger or Blogger Jr. is a GREAT app for little ones to use
  329. @ErinMastin Have a viewing party with all the kids: Roll out the red carpet and watch!! #miched
  330. @talkEDtv Oh yeah had one of those. Love it when they capture you yelling at another Ss because they forgot to hit stop record. Ha! #miched
  331. @dprindle Slap a QR code on the book with a link to the video! #miched
  332. Thanks for my first official chat! The #miched team is amazing! Great resources and inspiration!
  333. To think the laborious days of inserting an SD card and uploading are nearly behind us thanks to shoot and edit mobile apps. #miched
  334. @rsvoigt was great meeting you. God bless your awesome driving skills!!!! TY! Look forward to seeing you at #EDCampLansing ? #miched