Common App Takes Stand for Undocumented Students

May 30, 2013 - The Common Application for Undergraduate College Admissions (Common App) announced 'Undocumented American' as a new category offered to students, marking a significant step towards equality for its 488 member institutions that use the application for undergraduate admissions.

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  1. Common App apologizes, bans discrimination against undocumented students
  2. The announcement of a new category - 'Undocumented American' - in the the next generation Common Application Online (CA4), set to launch on August 1, 2013, was made by Daniel Vargas, the Common App's Communications Director, at a press conference hosted at the 26th Annual National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (#NCORE2013) in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  3. The news of this change was heralded by conference attendees and the public as a historic step towards equality for undocumented students as the Common App's 488 member institutions are now bound to recognize undocumented students as a category apart from international students, a common miss-classification that results in discrimination and higher tuition costs for undocumented students.