US Stove 2000 Wood Stove Review


  1. The mid size heating plate appliance comes with a very proper amount of heating capabilities. The heating of the plate is done with an elegant, good glass door with a proper facility of all the arched so that you can get the best experience of warm air during the winter season.
  2. US Stove 2000 EPA Certified Wood Stove, Medium: Home ... US Stove 2000 EPA Certified Wood Stove, Medium: Home ...
  3. Air Wash Glass: The air wash glass system that is provided by the product makes the glass of the product getting cleaned in a very professional manner. The glass of the product will also gives you a feature of the fire burning inside the stove in a very better manner.
    Quiet Less Operations: The speed of the blower with 100 CFM. The operations of the blower will showcase the quiet less operations of the product. This makes the product environment friendly and gives you a very relaxing feature.
    Large Viewing Window: Unlike the other windows of the stove as provided by the companies that feature the wooden stove, this specialized stove has a large viewing window that offers the buyer to get the proper burning activity. This offers reliability as well as builds trust of the owner.
    Good Firebox Capacity: What is essential to have within the parameters and is a must to have feature within a wood stove is that of a firebox. It is essential to have a firebox with a better capacity inside the product

    Pros and Cons

    Standard Regulations: The regulations of the product are that it should be followed and adhering to the proper rules as well as regulations. It is EPCA certified with a proper functioning.
    Great Efficiency: The efficiency of the product too is increased with a special amount of functioning. The efficiency as observed by the product is much more as compared with the efficiency offered by other products.
    Spacious Firebox: The firebox of the product is too big and large .This makes the product in a better manner. The spaciousness of the product is what makes it an ideal solution to get the best use.
    EPCA Certifications: Another thing is that it comes with proper standardized version. The certifications of the product are that one can use the product in a much greater manner with larger reach ability.
    The disadvantage of the product is that it can sometimes cause a problem of the costs of the product. As the product is very expensive since it does not include the costs of the fittings that will make a hole in the pockets of the buyer. Apart from it, the whole product is very amazing and can be used for all kinds of purposes.


    The product US Stove 2000 is an ideal choice for all those who are looking to feature out the great amount of heating indoor stove facility. It also provides the buyer to have a great amount of the warmth and the experience of the luxury. The product will also impart a variety of the features and give you an adjustable speed. Apart from it, the firebox capacity of the product too is a great choice for the purpose of the heating.