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Live-Tweeting @LaudatoSi Part I (ThomasLMcDonald)

I'm reading the encyclical and Tweeting initial impressions. Theology on the fly? What are my credentials to do this? Well, I'm one-a them theologicans. Got a degree and everything. More importantly, I am a catechist, and my calling is to teach the faith to faithful. This is a small part of that.


  1. Whatever our thoughts about anthropogenic global warming (AGW from here on), there's no question that man has engaged in "irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her" ever since the industrial revolution.
  2. Who can deny Paul VI's prophetic words? “the most extraordinary scientific advances, the most amazing technical abilities, the most astonishing economic growth, unless they are accompanied by authentic social and moral progress, will definitely turn against man.”

  3. In paragraph 6 we come to the heart of our problem: the dictatorship of relativism. In his discussion of Pope Benedict's statements on the environment, Francis identifies the biggest problem at the heart of human life today: "the notion that there are no indisputable truths to guide our lives, and hence human freedom is limitless."