A look at the Cooper-Young neighborhood

On January 30, a group of journalism students at the University of Memphis ventured out into the cold to do a scavenger hunt. The goal was to meet people in the community of Cooper-Young and the neighborhood is like no other — no big chain stores or restaurants — just locally owned businesses.


  1. The area is full well kept lawns and beautiful homes.
  2. There is also lots of yard art.
  3. However, the neighborhood is also befuddled with empty, boarded up houses.
  4. Cooper-Young does have a couple of churches around the area. One of them, The First Congregational Church, even has a hostel in it.
  5. There is a wide variety of graffiti on buildings, trashcans and concrete barriers. However, they are more artsy than true negative graffiti.
  6. The area offers many different food attractions from traditional Szechuan Chinese to a self-serve wine bar at Greencork.
  7. Many of the people working in the restaurants had differing but similar reasons for loving their job.
  8. Since this was done the Thursday before the Super Bowl, we interviewed people asking for predictions. The common theme was a Broncos. However, the Seattle Seahawks destroyed Denver 43-8 Sunday night.