An oxygen bar is slowly growing in U District

by Dana Porter


  1. Conners is chatting with a favorite customer--Jewel Weatherspoon who was a regular at Revive's old location in Mid-Town two years ago..
  2. Weatherspoon shares her favorite oxygen bar blend which is a combination of Lavender and lemongrass, she says its relaxing. 
  3. In addition to a mix of different beverages...Revive also sells New York style bagels.
  4. Owner Joe Rasoul says most of his customers are college students.
  5. Rasoul making a free beverage for a first time customer.
  6. Oasis and Revive have  a dual membership where you can use your card for any service between the two businesses. Rasoul's son is the owner of Oasis and persuaded his father to open an oxygen bar in the Mid-South.