University shuttle takes students to vote

University partnerships help make voting possible for students. The #BSUVote Media team covers Election Night in Chicago at Obama Headquarters. Newslink Indiana| WCRD 91.3 FM | The Voice Online


  1. Ball State University Sophomore Cariema Wood took advantage of the SGA Election Day Shuttle just after 9:00 AM this morning. Wood, who voted for the first time today says the SGA Election Day Shuttle was, "convenient and easy to use." However she did experience some trouble after initially entering the wrong polling place at the Anthony Administration Building she was redirected to the appropriate location, "Everyone was very helpful to me", she told reporters early Tuesday evening. 
  2. Wood is only one of many students who took advantage of the free shuttle service. SGA President Chris Wilkey says he counted, "40 people in the first two hours" of the service beginning. 
  3. Students shared their moments on social media throughout the day. 
  4. Students waiting to board the SGA Election Day Shuttle near Kinghorn Hall. 
  5. Black Student Association's SGA Representative Kane San Miguel called the election day shuttle, "a positive thing." Miguel believes the service was extremely important and would help would voter turnout, "without it students would be less apt to vote." Other university offices worked to ensure students took advantage of their voting rights. 
  6. Wilkey and Miguel both touted the role university offices and student organizations had by working together, "We worked with University Democrats and College Republicans to get this done." Wilkey explained that he focused SGA's resources on providing the Shuttle Service while other organizations provided events for campus during the last semester. The coordinated effort to inform and provide services this election did not stop at student organizations. Miguel says all university partners, "did a good job of advertising to students". At last report 250 students had taken advantage of the free shuttle service. Service was continued for 30 minutes longer than the scheduled service time. 

  7. As polls closed at 6:00 PM SGA reminded students every second counts when waiting in line to vote.