1. Delta, Seal, Joel and Ricky had some tough decisions to make, read below for a recap on who moves through to The Showdowns.

  2. Battle 1: Luke Kennedy & Belinda Adams  
  3. ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Miserables is one of the most popular songs on Broadway and is filled with such evident emotions, so it was never going to be an easy task for Luke & Belinda. Both Artists earned a standing ovation but only one Artist could move to the next round. Ricky chose Luke to continue to the Showdowns. Luke commended his Coach saying “It would have been such a hard choice because Belinda was so amazing.” 

  4. Battle 2: Maya Weiss & Kiyomi Vella 

  5. Engineering student Kiyomi has put her studies on hold to focus solely on music and this once in a lifetime opportunity after she won the Battle against Maya. All the Coaches chose Kiyomi as the winner for the Battle, saying that her performance was intriguing and they couldn't take their eyes off her. 

  6. Battle 3: Shawne Kirke & Sarah Martin 

  7. It was a rock Battle to be reckoned with when Sarah Martin and Shawne Kirke took on ‘Love Rears Its Ugly Head’ by Living Colour. Shawne took out The Battle with all the Coaches giving him positive feedback from his performance with Joel even saying he was ‘as cool as a cucumber’. Shawne tells us he owes his win all to Seal’s coaching.

  8. Battle 4: James Walker & Bec & Sebastian  

  9. James and Bec & Sebastian delivered an energetic performance but it wasn’t convincing enough to receive perfect feedback from the Coaches. James won the round and is looking forward to taking the feedback and applying it to his next performance. “Next time I will try and invest myself more in the song and try and make it my own as best I can. It’s good though everything is a learning curve,” James said.

  10. Battle 5: Lyric McFarland & Emma Pask  

  11. It was an unusual song for Lyric to sing but she was able to bring her R&B flavour to Louis Armstrong’s ‘What A Wonderful World’ and blew the Coaches away. Lyric made it through on Team Joel but was even more excited when she found out Ricky Saved Emma and she would be continuing on. Lyric said she literally screamed and jumped up and down, “I’m so happy for her.” 

  12. Battle 6: Nick Kingswell & Kaity Dunstan 

  13. An Artist relies on their health to be able to the deliver a winning performance but unfortunately Nick was battling with illness when his voice would count the most. Despite his illness Nick won the Battle against Kaity for his ‘grounded performance’. Nick tells us though he thought ‘Kaity had it in the bag’. 

  14. Battle 7: Jackie Sannia & Jenna Dearness-Dark 

  15. It was a tough winner choice for Coach Delta Goodrem as she praised both Jackie & Jenna’s rendition of ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescene. Jackie went on to win the Battle saying she was incredibly nervous on stage. “I was so nervous before I went on and while I was on. I don’t know how I managed to keep hold of the mic!” 

  16. Battle 8: Danni Hodson & Hannah Darling  

  17. The last performance of the evening was an uphill Battle for both Artists who struggled to connect with the song right from the beginning of their mentoring sessions. Their Coach Joel tells both Artists he was a little disappointed with their efforts and chose Danni to move on to the next round. Seal rushed to console an emotional Hannah and offered up his Save. Hannah continues on her journey on Team Seal.




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