1. Lorinda Brandon - DefragCon
    Lorinda Brandon - DefragCon
  2. This + That --> Full stop.
  3. Sacred Cow 1: STEM education is great — and it's a hot ticket now [read: lots of edu-tech money] — but it's decidedly not the only entry point into a technology career.
  4. Sacred Cow #2: Beyond the untruths about educational credentials, there's a much more devastating trend in the tech sector that is not being raised in the boardroom: low retention rates of women employees and skyrocketing salary pressures.
  5. Sacred Cow #3: Brandon made an impassioned argument against creating a "Pink Ghetto" of women-only events and groups. Do. Not. Segregate.
  6. Sacred Cow #4: Bad behavior can be, but is not always, driven by misogyny. Context matters. [see:TechCrunch Disrupt Kicks Off with "Titstare" App and Fake Masturbation] and [see: On Adria Richards and SendGrid]
  7. Sacred Cow #5: Sex sells and controversy-driven media reports get attention. Where are the counterbalanced stories of women succeeding in technology?
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