Big P privacy in the Era of Smaller Things - Ian Glazer, Gartner

The abstraction layer between user and company exists now without the obligation of small p and big P privacy. One option: Put humans back between the layer to integrate moral [read: human, not machine] privacy decisions.

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  1. There's two layers of privacy that need to be considered. Small "p" is the privacy relationship between a user and a single service provider. Big "P" privacy refers to users sharing personal data that is distributed across multiple services integrated inside a single application.
  2. Big P Privacy in the Era of Small Things
  3. The other major differentiation is that small "p" privacy often has profile settings controlled by the user. Not so with Big "P" where the chain of providers are likely unknown. In either case, the user has little control today.
  4. The bottom line ...
  5. Glazer spent a good chunk of time examining some of the Big P and Little p challenges for users, companies and developers, alike.
  6. The data needed to breach a user's privacy is minimal, according to Glazer.
  7. Just 4 latitude/longitude coordinate readings plus time stamps results in a correct device ID recognition 95 percent of the time. That's all it takes.

    Everyone at #DefragCon grabs their phones to check the settings. BRB.