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Oscars 2015: 87th Academy Awards

The very best social media shenanigans from the big night. Scroll down to see how the night unfolded on Twitter


  1. Here's a cheery thought: In terms of ticket sales, films nominated for best picture have had one of their worst years in four decades
  2. But that wasn't going to ruin anyone's mood
  3. Best Supporting Actor J. K. Simmons turned up in headgear that would put Pharrell to shame
  4. With Lady Gaga performing, the Twittersphere was buzzing with theories about which song she'd be crooning...
  5. ... or indeed which activity she'd be participating in
  6. The force was typically strong throughout the evening
  7. The rain did its best to steal the show
  8. Some attendees got pretty tweet-happy in the lead up to the main event
  9. Everything really was awesome for The Lonely Island