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#Occupycentral protests

Hong Kong, how things escalated


  1. What started as a student movement in Hong Kong has escalated into a standoff between thousands of pro-democracy protesters and police armed with tear gas and riot gear. Despite reported efforts to censor social media by the government, social reports and reaction has been overwhelming.
  2. Protests began peaceful and grew in size before police began using increasing force to stop assembly
  3. There were allegations, covered by The Times, that British-made tear gas was being used in the crackdown
  4. Protesters remained largely peaceful as tear gas filled the streets
  5. Say what you will... we, Hong Kongers, are not leaving. #hk928 #hkclassboycott #OccupyCentral #UmbrellaRevolution
    Say what you will... we, Hong Kongers, are not leaving. #hk928 #hkclassboycott #OccupyCentral #UmbrellaRevolution
  6. A question on the minds of protesters and watchers... What will the international community do now?
  7. Hong Kongese : Please help Hong Kong
  8. The FCO today expressed concern and said they are "monitoring events carefully"
  9. As the protests continued through to Tuesday local support grew, with upcoming public holidays likely to increase crowds