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Happy 3rd birthday, Ed Balls Day!

One of the best things about Twitter is that it allows us to digitally archive people's mistakes and never let them forget their errors. Ever. With that in mind, let's celebrate one of the genre's finest - the third anniversary of Ed Balls Day.


  1. One glorious Thursday in April 2011, a meme was born after Ed Balls inadvertently tweeted his own name. And, three years later, the jokes just keep on coming...
  2. For many, April 28th has become something of a Ballsian Christmas.
  3. Balls. Balls everywhere.
  4. Ed Balls Day 2014: the year of merchandise
  5. Although there were fears that it was becoming yet another Hallmark holiday.
  6. Indeed, for anyone questioning the cultural significance of the day, look no further than The Daily Mirror, who have dedicated an entire liveblog to charting the celebrations. An entire liveblog.