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Chewy Luis and the Blues

Twitter bites back as Suárez goes for the hat-trick with latest alleged chomp


  1. Fifa this morning charged the Liverpool and Uruguay striker Luis Suárez with biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini in yesterday's World Cup Group D showdown
  2. Naturally, Twitter didn't take long to go nuclear after the incident last night, with Chiellini notching up over 400,000 tweets and #BanSuarez heading for 60,000
  3. This report from Liverpool's official site took on a new edge
  4. Eamonn Holmes had the answer. Doesn't he always?
  5. Luis logic
  6. Chiellini tries to show the ref the damage
    (Tony Gentile / Reuters)
  7. The gum-line technology review was unequivocal
  8. Should've seen the signs . . .
  9. Plenty of concern about how to keep his chops full and his stomach satisfied