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  1. Flipgrid - Extending the conversation beyond the school day

  2. If you have not yet heard of Flipgrid, here is my shorthand summary: Create a video topic and have your kids have conversation about said topic using video with great ease. Increase learner engagement and discussion by extending your learning space beyond your 4 walls by using video.
  3. Check out the link below to see some potential ways of using this new tool with your learners.
  4. How might we hold Empathy above Achievement

  5. This week i came across this great article exposing how our learners rank achievement over caring for others. It's a great article and eye opening realization that got me thinking about "How can I help others become more aware about not just themselves"
  6. Not too long after reading that article @justinarte tweeted this great reminder below.
  7. Backspace on your Calculator App

  8. Did you know you could backspace on the iPhone calculator app but swiping the number. Check out the video below to watch it in action, or go give it a try.
  9. Time for...

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