1. I've recently started using Storify to put together blog posts. It's primary brilliance is in its interface. It allows a user to simply pull links, YouTube videos, Tweets, Facebook posts, images from Flickr and a plethora of other options into a single place. Pulling this data in to one sources is great, but the brilliance behind it is that it shows a small bot of information from the point your pull the data from and creates a link to the data/source.
  2. As well as having a terrific web interface, there is a free app for iPads which works wonderfully:
  3. I recently discovered that you can collaborate with others in a single story as well which has huge potential:
  4. 3 suggestions on usage for Storify
    1. Use storify while researching for a project: Pull all of your sources into a single place and embed it right into the final project so users can go directly to the source for verification or to learn more.
    2. Use Storify and Twitter/Facebook to produce a "live" blog posting session: Start by embedding a storify onto your website or blog. Assign a hash tag specific to the topic of your story so that users can pull commentary from twitter with ease to post onto a Storify, or pull from Facebook. (Suggestion by @Harry_Slater)
    3. Create a a monthly recap of your blog posts highlighting events that took place and commentary on the events mentioned in the post. (suggested by @HixsonPrincipal)