Durban Debacle

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change wrapped up this weekend in Durban, South Africa. Doomed from the beginning, the agreements reached are better than nothing, but still an utter failure.


  1. Canada's conservative government withdrew from the Kyoto protocol in Durban, thanks in part to the U.S. never having ratified the 1997 greenhouse gas emissions reduction treaty.
  2. Developing countries, the most at-risk of the member states when it comes to the effects of climate change, expressed distrust of the European Union's initial proposal last week. India outright rejects the measure, demanding Kyoto be enforced.
  3. While Inia, China and the U.S. have apparently agreed to cut emissions, the deal is much weaker than the Kyoto Accords, and has further delegitimized  the United Nations annual climate talks, doing little to slow and prevent future environmental catastrophes.
  4. The lack of U.S. participation and leadership in solving a problem it has historically contributed to more than any other nation, especially on a per person basis (tonnage of carbon dioxide per person). Foot dragging on implementation of dispersal of a $100 billion fund was also criticized. The Green Climate Fund is intended for those in need of aid due to lack of water and food due to climate change.
  5. US Denounced for "Startling Level of Obstructionism and Defeatism" on UN Climate Talks Deal
  6. Agreeing to a new, weaker "deal to get a deal" will not curb a 2 degree global increase in temperature deemed necessary to avoid serious consequences.
  7. An expected disappointment, but at least there are still fighters out there: